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It's Time for Vamps, Dark and Sexy Vamps!

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Deadly Captive ~ Bianca Sommerland
The Witch's Vampire ~ Jami Brumfield
Taste for Blood ~ Tilly Greene
Bite Marks ~ Rebecca Royce
Everlasting Hope ~ Onne Andrews
Club Crimson: Skye's Fall ~ Dottie Wilson
MissSexFang ~ Indy Mon
Loving Damien ~ Brooke Adams
Bordello of Vampire Pleasure 1 ~ Lynda Belle
Blackmailed by the Vampire ~ Kitty Jones
Music in her Blood ~ Indy Mon
Ash: Before Dawn (Native American Gay Vampire Romance) ~ Skye Eagleday

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Pretty In Ink by Merryn Dexter

Pretty In Ink - Exclusive Read - Chapter One

A flash of scarlet paint caught his eye, and Garrett frowned at the little sports car zipping too quickly into the front lot. He straightened up, leaving the table half-cleared to move closer to the front window of his bar. The little convertible pulled into one of the front slots, and he couldn’t hide his smile of recognition. His Saturday night just got a whole lot better. Folding his arms across his chest, Garrett studied the driver as she teetered out of the car. She certainly matched the car, in her short black dress and flashy jewelry. Nothing there of any interest to him. The blonde flipped her perfectly straight hair, waiting impatiently for her passenger to alight.

Raising a hand to acknowledge the customer at a nearby table calling for another round,  Garrett kept his eyes trained on the car. Nothing short of an emergency would prevent him from enjoying the sight of his favorite customer. She kept her head down, a tumble of ebony curls shielding her face. Thankfully, her beautiful hair did nothing to obscure his view of the magnificent pair of creamy breasts threatening to spill out the front of her jade green dress as she pushed herself up. The pin-up style dress hugged the kind of ample body a man could get lost in for a week. She turned, bending to retrieve her clutch, displaying an ass so bounteous he surreptitiously checked his mouth for drool.

Garrett Chase loved big girls. Loved. Them. At six foot two and a couple hundred pounds of solid muscle, he preferred a soft landing, and an ass he could get a good grip on as he rode them both into sweaty oblivion. His pulse quickened as his goddess-made-flesh swayed across the lot and back into his life. Aubrey Jensen was the stuff of his dreams. A dark green rose clipped her hair up on one side, matching the fifties style of her dress to perfection. The lifted wing of her hair revealed her face, ruby-red lips quirked into a smile over something her companion said as they approached the door. It was his favorite expression of hers – a little sly, like she got the joke when no one else did.

Not wanting to get caught spying on her, he grabbed up the dirty glasses and strode quickly to his appointed spot behind the bar. Smiling in welcome as they approached, he fixed his eyes on Aubrey as he held out the bar menu. “Anything you want, darling. It’s all yours.”

Her chocolate-brown eyes flicked up to meet his and he winked, relishing the tiny sparkle of mischief the gesture induced. “Anything?” The way she drawled the word made him want to crawl across the bar and fist her hair as he claimed those plump lips.
“Anything,” he emphasized.
She rewarded him with a deliciously dirty laugh. “Garrett Chase, one of these days I’m going to take you up on that.”
Man, he adored women who knew how to laugh properly. None of those polite, smothered giggles. Give him a filthy, rolling belly-deep chuckle every day of the week. Suddenly, there was nothing more important than finding a way to make this woman laugh like that again.

“Oh, Aubrey, I can’t take you anywhere!” The blonde tried to sound like she was joking, but the jagged edge in her tone showed her irritation. A simmering  tension he’d noticed before existed between the two sisters. Garrett glanced toward her. She smiled, all teeth and no warmth. Tapping a red-tipped nail on the cocktail section of the menu, she flashed the obscenely large diamond on her ring finger. He remembered well the copious bottles of champagne their group consumed on New Year’s Eve to celebrate her engagement to one of the faceless rich-boys who frequented his joint. I bet her heart is as cold as that rock.

“We’ll both have a Cosmopolitan.” The blonde angled her body toward him, trying to capture his interest. For a woman in love, she tries a little too hard for attention.
“Take a seat and I’ll be with you in a moment.” Garrett finished pouring a beer for another customer. Annoyed with the lovely brunette’s toothy companion, he took his time.

The blonde pursed her lips in a little pout of disappointment at his matter of fact tone, and remained standing. “We have a booking in the name of Windsor. You can serve our drinks at the table. It’s a booking for four.”

The familiar stab of disappointment twisted in his gut. He didn’t need her to tell him they expected company. The two sisters started coming to the bar around November last year, always with the same dates. “You’re at table fifteen.” He nodded toward a high-backed booth in the center of the back wall. The blonde sniffed before turning on her heel and stalking off.

Aubrey paused at the bar, an apologetic smile on her face. Garrett rested his forearms on the bar as he leaned toward her, catching a hint of her rich, amber perfume. “Tell me what you need, darling.” Please let it be my face buried in your pussy.

Her gorgeous eyes widened slightly. Intrigued, he glanced down, following the direction of her gaze. The sleeves of his white shirt had ridden up, displaying the tattooed flames licking the backs of his wrists. Eyes fixed on his ink, the tip of her tongue darted out to slick her lips, and a warm feeling stirred deep in his gut. See me. Knowing he was playing with fire, and not caring a damn, he popped the buttons on his cuffs and made a show of rolling the sleeves back to his elbows. Thick lines of black, red and orange writhed across his skin. The soft noise coming from her throat sounded suspiciously like a sigh of appreciation.

“Aubrey!” The shrill call from her sister shattered the spell between them.

With a small shake of her head, Aubrey turned her attention to the drinks menu. “I’m tired of cocktails.” Something about her tone implied it wasn’t all she was tired of. He wanted to press her for information, but it wasn’t his place to do so. No matter how much he might wish it were. “I’d like to try one of your beers.” The admission pleased him beyond measure. Speciality beers were a passion of his, and he’d worked hard to put together a strong selection.

“Don’t worry, darling. I’ll find you something tasty to wrap those luscious lips around.” His innuendo-laden comment cleared the frown from her brow and drew another of those fantastic laughs from her, and Garrett fell head over heels.

“You are a very bad man.” Mischief dancing in her eyes, she wagged a finger at him and moved away to join her sister.

“Give me a chance, Aubrey, and I’ll be happy to show you how bad.” His use of her name added a little extra swing to her hips, and he gratefully admired the view.

A sharp pinch on his arm startled Garrett. He unglued his eyes from the retreating piece of heaven to frown at his sister. “What the fuck?” He rubbed the abused spot as his sister, Gina flicked her towel at him.

“Put your tongue back in, bro, and stop slacking.” Shaking her head, she marched back to her end of the bar, but her words held no malice. His family knew where his preferences lay, and Aubrey ticked every box on his list.

The door to the bar opened, letting in a gust of warm spring air. March had been unseasonably cool in their little corner of California, but April was turning out more promising. He had plans to add an external seating area to the bar. One day. Like so many of his plans, ambition outweighed his finances. The bar was a relatively new venture for the Chase family, and Garrett and his siblings were acutely conscious of the mortgage secured against their grandfather’s home.

The open door heralded the arrival of “The Suits”, his nickname for the two bland men who dated the Jensen sisters. Garrett didn’t pay much attention to them as he fixed their drinks, until the sneering, sandy-haired one spoke. “Dammit, Brock, she’s a fucking heifer. I still can’t believe she and Marissa are sisters.”

His blond companion just laughed. Clapping him on the shoulder, he followed his friend’s glance across the room to the central booth. “Relax, Kenny. Aubrey just needs taking in hand, the same way I did with Marissa. The Jensen girls run to fat if you let them, but once I got Marissa to take a little pride in herself, it was easy. You’ll find their mother supportive of your efforts too.”

The blond paused to take a swig of his drink, then grinned at his glowering friend. “Don’t forget, her inheritance is as big as her ass.”

“It damn well better be. I’ve never seen her ass. You’d think she was special the way she holds me at arm’s length. Nearly six months, and I still can’t get through her front door.”

A low buzz started in Garrett’s ears. Tuning out the rest of their conversation, he battled the need to beat them both to a bloody pulp. Aubrey was fucking beautiful just the way she was. Mortgage, think of the fucking mortgage. He couldn’t risk bringing trouble to their door. His records were sealed; there was nothing to tie the respectable man to the stupid kid he’d once been. His tattoos raised an eyebrow or two, but he usually kept them covered when he was working. Still, a low-level fear of his past catching up with him always lurked in the back of his mind. Another good reason he shouldn’t entertain thoughts of a class act like Aubrey.

He paused in the process of rolling down his sleeves, seeking her out. Rationalities about their differences melted away as her big, brown eyes studied him with blatant interest. Wanting her to know how much he desired her, Garrett held her gaze. He imagined unzipping her jade green dress, sliding it down her body until her gorgeous tits fell into his waiting hands. His cock stirred in his jeans, and he stepped closer to the bar to shield his lower body. Mesmerized, he watched Aubrey raise the beer bottle to her lips and, holy fucking hell, curl her tongue around the rim. A bolt of lust slammed into his spine, tightening his balls until he feared he might blow his load like an untried boy.

The suits finally moved away from the bar, their movement breaking his line of sight as they approached the booth. The little smile of regret she flashed him brought a moment of clarity. Fuck the differences between us. He would do whatever it took to get her away from the fucker she was wasting her time with and into his bed.

As soon as fucking possible.

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Hot Tamale by Tilly Greene
Curved Lines Box Set
contemporary erotic romance + ir/mc, bbw and plenty of tattoos

Chapter One

“Fuck me,” Derek murmured as he pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it in the corner. Getting a tattoo wasn’t a new experience for him, far from it, but messing around with a half-naked beauty at the station across from him was a first. His friend and tattoo artist was getting his ink and tools ready, giving him time for a closer look at the delicious chick.

The woman must have had a back piece done, because her back was to him as she straddled the chair. Her head was down, probably resting in the padded donut, hair pulled out of the way, and she didn’t have on a shirt, only a pair of shorts tugged down. If he had to guess, she wore earphones to help her zone out. He was curious to know what she listened to so intently she didn’t move a muscle.

He was finding it difficult not to be turned on by the silky smooth, light brown body across from him. The woman was not a stick figure, either, even more of what he liked. She had curves he wanted to savor and his fingers itched to follow various paths around her body.

In his imagination, he put a finger on her neck and followed the line of her spinal column to just above her visible crack. Maybe her shorts were unbuttoned and pulled down low on her hips to give her artist more room to maneuver his machine. Whatever, she was stunning; he knew it even though he couldn’t see her face, and his hard-on was growing as proof.

Shit, he thought and shook his head to dislodge the multitude of naked pictures highlighting her body. Obviously he needed to work on getting some pussy.

There was a color patch on her lower back, almost to her ass that continued up her spine, but he couldn’t see details because of the plastic covering. The ink didn’t distract from her beauty, just the opposite, at least for him. He was pulled in to look closer and, of course, to touch—oh, to touch her relaxed body until she—

“Okay, Der, you ready, man?”

“Sure,” he said as he cleared his throat, trying not to look at her but also finding it hard. She was there. “Yup, I’m ready.”

“Good, first let’s get this exploding grenade on you, and see how it fits with the rest of your ink,” his friend Max said.

Amongst the color on his legs, arms, chest and back, there was only one tattoo on his upper right arm. The former was a pair of combat boots with a gun and dog tags for his buddies who didn’t return from their time in Afghanistan. Like the one on his whiter-than-white forearm, the tat on his upper arm was important to him. Hopefully the ink he was about to get would close that chapter in his life. He was an HVAC guy now, had a stable job, and volunteered for the local fire department, but he hadn’t been ready to settle down. The Marine Corps gave him a purpose as a young man and he received his first tattoo while he was doing Basic Training. Words weren’t his thing; inking his body was how he expressed himself.

“What do you think?” Max asked after he looked in the mirror. Derek was critical of what he was looking at—it was his body and his ink, he’d better like it.

“Can you do it as a transition piece between the grey piece on my upper arm and the color on my back?” There was no big plan for his tattoos, but before he put them on his body he wanted to be sure they’d appear how he envisioned them.

“Yup, I can do it half and half along the seam like I originally drew, but I was thinking it would look better if we made it less exact.” Max held up a drawing depicting the first option and then picked up another depicting the other. “I drew this after we had a chat and agreed to do the tat. Do you prefer the first or a more organic transition?”

There was no question about it, he liked the second one, and told his friend.

“This one,” he said, pointing to the updated drawing. “I like how the explosion bit is all color and the grenade shows more of the transition between color and black.”

“Done.” Max smiled big and waved him back to the chair. “Let’s get started.”

The moment he sat back down, he looked across the way to make sure she hadn’t left. How weird he had such a strong reaction to a complete stranger. Maybe it was a change in his breathing that had his friend looking at him, but whatever it was, he had to say something or go crazy wondering.

“What’s up with her?” He nodded to the other station.

“She’s Dave’s appointment. He had to leave and asked me to make sure she’s okay when she wakes up. Why?”

“Curious, nothing more. You don’t see many people who fall so deeply into space while their back is worked on. I know firsthand the spine is a painful place to be inked.” He’d had a few pieces that touched him there and none of it was as intense as hers must have been.

“It’s a detailed piece she’s getting. Something with books and a cat on top, I think, at least. She’s been coming in for almost a year and handles it the same way every time. She pulls her shirt off, puts on the headphones, and appears to fall asleep.”

“A year?” How had he not seen her before? He’d been in the shop to be inked during the year. There was a sunrise tat he’d had Max color and another of his parents’ names when they moved.

“Yup, a big tattoo takes time, but I don’t know why it’s taken so long. It’s in a tender spot. I think this is it, though.”

“Hmmm,” he responded as the gun started humming. Needles pounding his flesh didn’t hurt, but it was annoying if he didn’t find the head space to disappear while it happened. This time in the chair, he started a fantasy about the woman across from him.

Why not? She was hot. He wasn’t hurting anyone, merely allowing his fantasies to take over his mind.

Derek looked over and saw a hint of her hair color. He figured it was brown, but lighter at the bottom. Maybe she’d have brown or green eyes—but any color would do—and full pink lips. Based on her hips, he hoped she’d have big boobs. He got off on a large chest, especially on a curvy woman. There was so much to play with and be pleasured by touching when she had a body made for loving.

He wasn’t picky; there’d been a few women he’d had sex with since coming back to his hometown, but none of them had led to anything like a relationship. There’d been nothing more he wanted with the ladies he’d hooked up with and they hadn’t wanted more from him, either. Come and done was his game since returning to Liberty Grove, and it was getting old. Maybe he needed to change things up, but before then, he would let his mind roam where it wanted—to the sexy chick with her back to him.

Immediately his thoughts went back to her boobs. Would her nipples be pierced? No, the more important question was whether they were dollar-sized and pink, or red and bigger? He liked breasts, big or small, but he preferred them real and big.

While he watched, she slowly stretched her arms out in front of her, then turned her head a few times to work out the kinks. The slight shifting and moving brought a bit of boob squishing out to the side. Inhaling sharply, he licked his dry lips, and felt an answering need in his groin.

Groaning, he watched as she stretched her arms above her head and twisted to the side, and was rewarded. He glimpsed a hint of her free breasts swinging from her chest. She had big breasts and he wanted to get his hands, mouth, even his cock in between them. Was it wrong to be thinking this way about a woman he only knew from her bare back? Yes, it was perverted and wrong, but he needed something soft to occupy his fantasies, and in his eyes she fit the bill.

The beauty stretched a bit more then took off her headphones. Carefully she put her shirt on over her head and let it fall. Smart, it was a shirt that didn’t fit her, but it was sad for him because she was covered. Even though he could no longer see her bare flesh, he had the image of her locked in his head. After he assumed she buttoned or pulled up her shorts, he watched as she maneuvered off the chair, then he imagined her naked as she climbed on him.

Oh man, he had such a dirty mind, but it couldn’t be helped. She was sexy as sin!

Once she picked up her bag the woman turned to leave, and he finally had his chance to see all of her. He was stunned because he knew her, really well—as in they used to be friends, lovers. Although the new way of saying it, friends with benefits, was more apt, when they were back in high school up until the moment he joined up.

“Derek? I didn’t know you were back.”

“Hey, Cathy,” he murmured, and was catapulted to being a kid again. She was his first crush, his first love, the only girl he’d ever had mostly naked in the front seat of his truck. “I came back to help my parents move to Florida and stayed.”

“My parents are still here as well.”

“What about Grandma?” His mom had mentioned she was the oldest resident in town. He hadn’t a clue how she managed. Wisconsin was a cold state in the winter, with more snow than most people wanted to handle. The freezing temps were no big deal when you were a kid through adulthood, but not as a senior. No way. Although he’d been to other places around the world, he had to say his state was stunning. Good or bad, it was home, and he was happy to be back.

“She is and hosts a book club, but you must be a knitter as well. Non-knitters aren’t welcome through the front door on Tuesday nights,” she told him with a small laugh.

Cathy was as beautiful now as she was when they were growing up. From the beginning she’d been different. Her birth mom came from Mexico as a tourist and ended up overstaying her tourist visa. Maybe she’d had a plan to become an illegal immigrant and not merely make enough money to go home. She’d given birth to a baby girl and worked under the table at a market in Green Bay, where she was killed during a robbery. It wasn’t until after the woman had died that her circumstances came to light and her daughter had been found. There was no sending her back to possibly be adopted when she was an American citizen, which led authorities to think locally.

Due to her work with the child welfare connections, Cathy’s adoptive mom had originally been asked to take care of her while the authorities figured things out, and had never stopped. At some point, before she started kindergarten, the family had adopted her and that was the end. Different-colored skin or not, there was never a question about her being accepted into the community.

Their families were both of German descent and that was a close knit group in Liberty Grove. Whether picking flowers for their parents for being late, swimming in a local river, or playing mud football, they’d done just about everything together. But when had her big boobs arrived? They’d been there before—of course she’d had breasts, Cathy was a girl. She’d had them when they were last together, he’d touched them, but they weren’t nearly as big nor had they made his mouth water to get hold of them.

They had a lot to catch up on, except that wasn’t where his mind was at. It didn’t have to do with him being horny, either, at least not in general. No, he was interested in going out with her because of how he’d left things when he’d gone to boot camp. They’d never been officially boyfriend and girlfriend, although she was the only woman who’d touched his heart in a romantic way. He had only one question and that was if she’d be interested in going out with him, the man he was today.

Taking a quick look at her left hand, he didn’t find a wedding band or a stretch of lighter skin where one would be, but the shirt she wore was definitely a man’s. Maybe it was one of her dad’s or one of her brothers.

“Well, that counts me out, unless she’s willing to teach me to knit first,” Derek offered with a smile as he tried to get their conversation back on track.

“For you, she would do anything. She always adored you, and took it to heart when you signed up with the Marines.”

“The feelings are mutual. I didn’t have any grandparents growing up except her; shit, sorry. I should stop in to say hi, maybe she’ll have some pfeffernusse around.” Getting back into his old life hadn’t been a big priority. He’d needed time to get mentally sorted after being in the military and where he’d gone afterwards. He was better, life was moving forward, and maybe this was another step he needed to make to get on living and stop merely existing.

“That would be great, she’d love it.” She smiled and leaned over to place her hand on his leg. Her touch set him on fire and he immediately wanted more of her hands on him. “And of course she has cookies, she’s still a sweet baker and peddler, hence my belly.”

“If I remember right, I never had just a couple of her cookies. I used to stuff my pockets with them when I left.” He laughed and looked to the side where Max was working on his tattoo. He’d barely started and had stopped when Derek started talking. Maybe he was moving, but not purposely.

“Our dog knew what you did and he’d try to follow you out. I used to stand in front of the door so he wouldn’t track you down.” She laughed and shook her head. It didn’t matter he knew her as a kid, he still wanted to spend more time with her and discover the adult she’d become.

“Hey, do you want to meet or something? You know, go out for dinner? A for real date. We’re adults. We can do whatever we want.” Maybe it wasn’t his best offering, but it was all he had at the moment.

“Sounds good, but I have school, and I like to go to bed early during the week.”

“You’re a teacher? Where?” Had he known she was a teacher? Liberty Grove was a small town and in times past everyone knew everyone else’s business through talk. His mom was part of this old style grapevine, and she was gone. Apparently life had changed in town, that and he was out of touch.

“Yup, I teach science at the high school down in Gibraltar,” she told him while she lightly stroked his leg. Derek had a feeling she hadn’t a clue she was doing it, but liked the feel of her touching him so said nothing.

“What about Friday night? We can meet up at Huzy’s, maybe grab something to eat and watch the Brewers game. Wait, why don’t I pick you up, then you can have a drink.” Seeing her, making a date, none of it had been planned. All he was doing was thinking on his feet, but if he must, then he’d look like a bumbling idiot for the chance to go out with her.

“Done! Pick me up around six-thirty?” Cathy asked as she stepped back. “I live on Arbor, the condos.”


“Heck yes. I didn’t want to stay at my parents’, but I couldn’t afford to live in this town otherwise.”

“Yup, I was in the same bind. I was given my parents’ house, but pay them every month like rent.” He’d stayed in San Diego after retiring from the Corps, but it wasn’t for him. Partying and smoking pot was all he did back then and that wasn’t living.

“I bet they like having the money every month.”

“It gives them extra to do what they want,” he explained. Normally he wouldn’t talk about money with people, but this was Cathy, he’d known her forever. She was the only girl he’d been with physically before signing up and he still wanted her.

“Good for them. I need to head out and get home. Sorry, but my cats will be wild with hunger if I don’t. They think I starve them anyway.” Laughing, she waved to him and said, “See you on Friday.”

“See you then,” he said and watched her leave the shop.

Maybe two minutes passed where he couldn’t hold back the excitement growing in him for his future date. One night stands had been his thing, only not with Cathy. With the chance of getting women fresh in his mind, he wanted to see how much further they could go. While he hadn’t asked her to wait for him to finish serving his time in the military, Derek was glad to find her available.

“Damn, even scruffy you’re good,” muttered Max.

“What do you mean?”

“Your beard is a scraggly mess, hair hasn’t been cut in months, and you may or may not have on clean clothes, but you make a date with a sexy chick. I couldn’t ask a woman out looking like you, no way. Face to face? Nope. I don’t want to see a rejection coming my way.”

“Maybe because I knew her, but it just felt right to ask. Shit, I had a fucking hard-on just looking at her back.” Reconnecting with Cathy was exactly what he needed to move on. “Let me ask you, should I call her Cathy or Catalina, the name her birth mom gave her?”

“I’ve only known her as Cat. I think it’s what she used when she first came in to chat with Dave. Maybe ask him when he comes back.”

“Yeah,” he said, and closed his eyes. There in his head was Cathy, the woman she was today, but he couldn’t stop from imagining them doing things they’d done years ago. No, he wasn’t seeing her picking flowers, more like fucking him on the front bench seat of his truck. That was their go-to spot for getting busy. They could park wherever they liked, but usually they went to a wooded area. They were adults now, which meant it would be a different experience.

He needed space to enjoy every inch of her gorgeous body. The truck parked outside was bigger than the old one he’d driven before, but he pictured her naked on his king-sized bed. What a glorious sight she’d make. She’d wrap her legs around him and moan her pleasure as he took her with his rock hard cock. After he kissed the breath from her, he’d move his attention to her breasts. Her nipples were pink; unless they grew redder with age, they’d been pink before. Whether they were pierced or not, he’d bite them, grasp the hard tips between his teeth and tug, all before he settled down to suck them.

Oh, he wanted her bad.

“Fucking hell, Derek, you’re thinking about doing the deed with her, aren’t you?” Max was crude, but he’d spoken the truth.

“Yup, I am, and?”

“You’ve got a stiffy and I know it wasn’t from my inking you.”

“Can’t help where the mind travels,” he told the other man with a smile spreading across his face. “Right now I happen to be enjoying her beautiful boobs.”

“They are rather nice looking…whoa, don’t move!”

“Have you seen them?” Derek wasn’t angry, he wanted to know if his friend had seen her bare breasts or not.

“No! Relax, you know better than to move.” The other man started his machine back up and dipped the tip in the ink and was about to put it on his skin, but first Derek shared a bit more information.

Groaning, he pulled at his crotch with his spare hand. “She’s hot,” he muttered.

He really liked big breasts. Maybe he needed to stop thinking of the Cathy he knew and get to know the Cat who was getting a tattoo. Superficially, she was what he wanted physically, but she also seemed to be a woman he wanted to spend more time talking to, maybe get to know on a deeper level.

The first step was to make a date and they had one planned. Tugging on his bushy beard, he figured maybe the next was to tidy himself and his house, do some laundry.


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Are you ready for the HOTTEST read of the summer?

It's almost time to get k(ink)y with this hot anthology of 10 brand new novellas featuring sexy, curvy heroines and the inked bad-boys who will do anything to win their hearts. All this goodness for just #99cents! Grab it quick because we can't hold that discounted price forever 

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Acquired Taste – Dee Carney

When celebrity chef August Jaeger mixes it up with a curvy food blogger, they both realize what they want isn’t on any menu.

Another Man’s Treasure – Dee Tenorio

A widowed actor and single dad pulls out all the stops to show a single mom just how well a woman can be treasured.

Hot Tamale – Tilly Greene

Derek Schrizer is a retired Marine looking to get a new tattoo, not reconnect with his first love, the curvy sexy Cat.

Kinky Curves – Jodi Redford

The queen of dirty talk. The king of grind. Love is about to get real filthy.

Like a Boss – Quinn

Proving she’s more than a smart mouth and sexy curves would be a hell of a lot easier if she wasn’t so distracted by her sexy new boss.

Dirty Deeds – Allie Cooke

Four days, a million dollars, the performance of a lifetime…but what happens when they stop faking it? Dirty Deeds ain't always dirt cheap.

Marked By Ice – Dawn Montgomery

His only job is to protect her at all costs, but who will protect the big bad wolf’s heart once he gets a taste of her sweet lips?

Pretty In Ink – Merryn Dexter

Sexy, sweet Aubrey Jensen is everything a semi-reformed bad boy could want – but sometimes getting what you want doesn’t give you what you need.

Waking Up – Kathryn Lively

A chance encounter forces a plus-sized woman with dormant dreams to wake up and find her own Happily Ever After.

Scorched Desire -- Lexxie Couper

When a Harley-riding hunk literally sweeps her off her feet, Jilly Parker finds herself transported to a world of dragon shifters, carnal lust, and fated love.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Novel Experience in living color!

Jena Gregorie from Pure Texuality put together a video showcasing The Novel Experience, what's going on and who's going to be in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino April 2-4 2015 ... watch, be inspired, get excited and I hope to see you there!

General Admission is FREE!

Friday, December 05, 2014

December Love with Lissa Matthews

Shifting Currents by Lissa Matthews

Blake doesn’t want a mate. No way. No how. And he certainly doesn’t want her camping on his land, floating down his stretch of river, or looking like she belongs in his bed. But that's exactly what he gets when he happens upon a curvy woman with shades of sunset hair named Leah.
She's on vacation and isn’t looking for any complications, especially in the form of a shifter or the possessive MINE signal he gives off.
So, what are two bears to do when they've convinced themselves they don't want, much less need anyone else?  They give in to the pull and mate, of course, but in sex only. No life commitment. No cubs. No changing the way they live: Separate and independent of each other.
Except when she leaves his mountain, Blake can't get her off his mind and Leah can't stop craving his particular brand of gruffness. Now, the one thing neither wanted, has come full circle, and is ready to bite them both.
He knew pain and loss, and he didn’t want anything to do with it ever again. A woman would only complicate his uncomplicated life. “I’ll just stay away from her,” he declared to the four walls. “I’ve done a good job of it so far. I can just keep doing so until she leaves the area.”
You could kick her out. She is trespassing.
Blake couldn’t argue with the thought. She was camping on private property. But, he reasoned, she was set up and he wouldn’t make her move. Especially since it would put him in the position of having to talk to her. No, he’d let her stay and hope that she left real soon.
Feeling satisfied with himself and his decision, Blake made for the kitchen and the Mason jar of iced coffee in the fridge. If summers were good for anything, it was iced coffee. He drank it black, undiluted but for a few ice cubes and a slight sweetness.
He stepped onto the deck at the back of the house, and took a deep breath. The heat wasn’t so bad with something cold coating his throat and cooling him from the inside out. But it was still oppressive. He turned to re-enter the cabin, but caught the scent before he could turn his head. She was near. To the northeast and getting closer.
Blake debated with himself. Should he get closer? Should he get a look at her? His body screamed that yes, he should. His brain screamed obscenities at him for even considering it.
Her scent was stronger now. “Man, this is such a bad idea,” he whispered to no one even as he set the jar down and crept off the deck to the forest floor. Lucky for him, for a six foot five guy, he could be surprisingly stealthy.
He wound his way through the brush toward the water, careful to keep out of sight. A stand of trees and low-lying bushes allowed him to stay out of view. He crouched to his knees and waited.
He didn’t have to wait long. Her inner tube rounded the bend in the river several seconds later and Blake had to bite down on his tongue to keep a groan at bay. His soul growled “Mine” and his brain knew they were all goners.
About Lissa:
Born and raised in the South and currently living in North Carolina, talented, multi-published author, Lissa Matthews, has many loves in her life: Family, friends, NASCAR, football, music of all kinds, cooking, and penning stories filled with feisty, sassy heroines and naughty heros, and last, but certainly not least, coffee.
Please visit her Website for the most up to date information on her books and sign up for her Newsletter to be informed of new releases, sales, and special subscriber information.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

December Love with Wendi Hulsey

Desperate Desire Synopsis

Courtney Conner is the master at hiding behind a mask, she thinks she has one hell of a poker face. Courtney has everyone believing she’s in control of her life after everything that happened to her one horrible night. She believes everyone is fooled; except she can’t lie to herself. Struggling daily with the demons that invade her thoughts, dreams and life; she finds herself coping in self-destructive ways. But do they ever make her forget what happened?

Blaine Stevenson has shown Courtney a new lease on life and she wants to become the woman he can love. He’s everything she has ever wanted in a man; funny, kind, wealthy, and gorgeous. However, appearances are not always as they seem. Blaine also has a secret he has not yet revealed to Courtney. Can she handle what he is about to show her, or will this be something else that makes her run away from love?

Courtney and Blaine’s physical attraction is undeniable, but can they overcome their secrets. Will Blaine be the man to fulfill Courtney’s deep and desperate desire to be loved? Or will their secrets be too much to overcome? Not everything is as simple as it seems. Can Courtney love another to let go of her past?

Desperate Desire (book #2.5)
Barnes & Noble:
Wendi Hulsey
Amazon Author Page:




Wednesday, December 03, 2014

December Love with Elise Hepner

Elise Hepner lives with two spastic cats and a very supportive, slightly crazy husband. There is never a dull moment in the house, unless the caffeine runs out, which it never does. She's a multi-published erotica author with Cleis Press, Ellora's Cave, Xcite, and Secret Cravings Publishing.

She's driven by her tea addiction and a tiny stuffed turtle her husband picked up from Disney World that sits on her desk and "supervises" her work.

When not writing (which is rare), she's watching countless hours of reality television, playing the Sims or shopping online. Plus there's that odd obsession with the color purple. Everything is purple. Visit Elise at her website to keep up with her naughty ramblings, random tidbits and future work.

She has a newsletter where you can sign up for sneak peeks, contests, giveaways, new release news and other fun things:

Twitter: @EHepner
Facebook: Elise Hepner
Instagram: Elise_Hepner

Warning: This book contains a geeky, secretly insecure but overly cocky handy-man with a penchant for pleasing, a dominatrix in training who’s on the rebound, and enough smut to strip a couple layers off your soul. Plus there’s mac n’ cheese with a smattering of self-actualization for good measure.

After Chloe Barrons’ fiancé cheats on her via webcam, she begrudgingly accepts her Type-A mother’s offer of a spur of the moment luxury spa weekend. But things don’t play out quite from point A to point B when she arrives drunk and disoriented on the front porch of a deserted North Carolina beach house. From the very start she’s caught off guard by Noah Knightly, a sinfully sexy, self-proclaimed commitment-phobe who’s a handyman for his sister’s relationship rehabilitation center—a rehab where Chloe is the sole guest during off-season.
But faced with temptation, to stay guarded she’ll have to call the shots.

Noah shouldn’t have taken Chloe’s reservation. But in need of a second pair of hands to fix up the beach house, he throws all his sister’s rules out the window. Soon he worries that maybe he’s bitten off more than he can chew: each day Chloe cracks more of his cocky façade bringing down his guards to reveal a stuttering geek who has a hidden will to please her in any way possible.

With no way to ignore her pain, Noah sets himself up as a guniea pig to prove to Chloe that not all men are created equal—in or out of the bedroom. As Chloe comes into her own through every sexual session, Noah needs to decide if he’s man enough to accept the one thing he never thought he wanted—love.

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With a reserve of energy she didn’t feel, Chloe bounded up from the bed. Not the best idea, considering her brain’s penchant for rattling around in her skull the minute she moved because of her hangover. Maybe she could get Noah to make a Bloody Mary to take the edge off before she left? Chloe climbed the plush carpeted stairs back up into the living room.

“Since it looks like we’ll be spending a bit of time together, care to enlighten me on why you took a reservation when it’s off season and your sister wasn’t even here to run it?”

Chloe sat back across from him and took a slow drink of her juice, using the added time to get a closer look at his slightly freckled face. Cute. Whatever attraction rose up tightening her throat she quickly squashed it down. A man had gotten her here in the first place. If it wasn’t for her mother’s penchant for psychological healing, without the aid of television and a quart of ice cream—she would be surrounded by piles of good books, take-out, and new workout DVD’s she wouldn’t attempt to use for a solid month.

When Noah caught her watching him, she deflected her stare to the bookcase behind his head, cringing at the A to Z self-help tomes. When she came out of rehab she might have more of a complex than when she went in last night.

“Didn’t feel like turning down company. Plus I could use the extra hands around the house getting the place weatherproofed for hurricane season.”

Chloe had to cover her mouth to keep from shooting citrus out of her nose.

“Nice plan, right?” He waggled his dark brows and took another bite of bacon.

“You purposely let me come here because you were looking for a playmate while you babysat the house?”

“You’re much more fun than building model cars and searching for the meaning of life.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“Plus, I won the genetic jackpot. You’re quite the looker,” he said it offhand, meeting her eyes, and winking with darkness in his gaze that left nothing to imagination.

“What are you, sixty years old?”

“That was a compliment, in case you’ve never heard one.”

“Yeah, great going, complimenting a woman who probably just got out of a debilitating relationship, is emotionally vulnerable, and ready to kick some ass. What a charmer you are, Noah.”

He cleared his throat, picked up his plate, and headed toward the kitchen. Despite her resolve to let his comment slide off her back, she’d opened her big mouth. But more than anything she wished she could close her eyes to get the image of his fine ass out of her mind as the swinging door closed behind him. Pathetic didn’t cover it. She needed another dictionary definition. What were the odds of finding a dictionary in this house?

Was she even thinking about staying? The idea was idiotic at best. In a house with a total stranger in the middle of nowhere for any span of time—when did that choice go from you’re crazy, to eh, it’s workable? The fact that she managed to miss kind of a big decision when she was the one making the choice in the first place made her feel like she’d come to the right place for her discombobulated mental state. Yet…she trusted her gut. There was something to women’s intuition and Noah didn’t scream psycho killer. Of course, she didn’t think they made a t-shirt for that type of thing. But either way her first layer of apprehension peeled back with the knowledge that she had basic knowledge of self-defense and there were plenty of knick-knacks around the house to double as weapons should the need crop up.

It would be an adventure, right? He wasn’t keeping her here. She could leave and walk away—literally—at any time.

“Oh, by the way—”

Noah stuck half his body through the swinging door, large fingers splayed across the pastel green paint. He licked his lips, mouth shaping into a wolfish grin that left her fingers twisting together in her lap. Noah raised one of his hands in the air.

“One, I’ve been told I’m not relationship material. Two, I’m great rebound sex in case there isn’t anything else in this boarded up hole to occupy your mind. And last, but not least, if you want to kick my ass on behalf of my species that’s all well and good—I’m a gentleman, I’ll let you—but you bet your sweet ass you’ll be playing nursemaid afterward. And that’s with the kinky outfit, or no deal.”

There were no words. Chloe sat there without a single retort even close to her mouth. Was he kidding? Before she could regain her senses he’d popped his head back into the kitchen, and water ran in a loud rush. Almost, but not quite, blocking out the joy in his gruff laughter as it echoed through the door. Gentleman, yeah that was a joke. He was a gentleman like Rhett Butler wasn’t a cad—and Rhett was the best bad boy of ‘em all.

She should know, she’d only watched that movie over a hundred times growing up because it had the prettiest cover in her mother’s old movie collection. No matter what, Rhett was a cad. And, though she tried not to be flustered, Noah gave off the same swarthy I-know-what-you-look-like-without-your-clothes-on vibe.

So what if she’d tried a relationship with the solid, wet-blanket, Ashley type and that hadn’t exactly worked out? That didn’t mean a damn thing.

“Plan on throwing me any other fastballs? Or are we not speaking because I dared to mention how beautiful your smile is and hurt your girl power pride?”

His voice shook her out of her reverie.

“You haven’t even seen me fully smile.”

“I’ve seen the ghost of one. Maybe if we keep playing this “getting to know each other” game I’ll get to see more. What do you think?”

He wiped his damp hands on his jeans leaving dark smudges that led Chloe’s eye elsewhere. She crossed her arms, determined to pay attention to the hideous, metal deep sea fish sculpture on the wall.

“I think that you haven’t given me jack squat to go off of in terms of getting to know you. I also think, Noah, that it’s probably in your best interest to start chatting, otherwise these hands might not feel like working.”

“Please tell me those hands will be doing other, more delightful things,” he practically purred, clutching his heart. “Oh, also, unless you’re a shrink, there isn’t much else to do around here. No radios or TV. Consider yourself promoted to first foreman. Better than reading the self-help crap, right?”

“Oh will you can it? Jesus, I’m not sleeping with you!”

He shrugged, making the move mean far more than it should have, while also showing off the hard muscles in his chest.

“I never really asked, did I?”

She couldn’t help it—she made a pure noise of frustration and glared sharp, lethal icepicks his way. What did he do? Only the second most infuriating thing ever after all his cheesy come-on’s. Noah threw up his hands in front of his body making a mocking face filled with fake terror. Eyes wide, mouth an “o,” he sprinted to the corner folding his large frame until he cowered hiding his face in between his knees. Heaven help her, a bubble of laughter floated out through her mouth and broke into pieces.

You’re hopeless.

Noah peeked his head out from his lap with a goofy grin.

“That impressed you, huh? Didn’t know your host took several unwanted years of drama in high school in order to make up for failing math grades. Pretty genius performance, wasn’t it? Might have won me an Oscar.”

Well, there was her first tidbit into the brain of her new hot—er, host. When Noah stood up from his crouch he quickly stretched his arms up above his head, leaving a delectable piece of pale flesh with a smattering of dark, treasure trail hair leading beneath his jeans. Chloe snapped her eyes away and thinned her lips pretending to adjust on the coach and folding her legs up under her.

“You’re getting better.”

“At what?”

“Nothing. You ready for your lesson on how we’re going to work together to keep this place in tip-top shape?”

“Do I get to say no?”

He made an obnoxious beeping noise in the back of his throat that sounded like a game show buzzer.

“Wrong answer. But you do get handy demonstrations, your own tool belt, and dinner tonight if you do a good job.”

“Do I get a gold star, too?”

“I can probably figure something out for you.”

Noah snatched her hand, a shock to her system tightening all the muscles in her upper arm. His warm palm engulfed her whole hand. Was this what it had been like when he’d carried her inside last night? Had she folded up in his arms like she fit? She swallowed and met his serious look.

“Come on, I’ve got a whiteboard downstairs.”

Chloe couldn’t deny his excitement. When he pulled her up and raced them down the stairs she followed—telling herself it was only because he would have dragged her anyway. But when he pulled her into a spare bedroom, it had been converted into an office with a white board that took up three of the four walls, her mind was boggled. Not one inch of board was free.

“You’ve been busy.”

Chloe took in the myriad of checklists, bullet points, and definitions scrawled in a neat sloping hand. One of the notations caught her eye. The roof needed fixing? He wanted her up on a slope a million feet in the air? Oh, that was priceless. With a careful eye she tried to stuff the overload of information into her brain.

“You need to be trained.”

Noah took a seat in the office chair, swiveling his body around a few times before he came to a full stop with his long legs stretched out. His hands were laced together in the middle of his chest, while he regarded her with an expression she couldn’t quite place—and probably didn’t want to think too hard. She went back to studying the notations.

“This is almost everything you need to know about construction and what we’ll be doing as early as tonight. Think you can handle it all?”

At least he’d given her a head start—with his help a day of intense study might be enough to keep her safe. Besides, the busywork could keep her mind in the right place and off of any thoughts of the ex. She could admit—begrudgingly—that she kind of couldn’t wait to see Noah in a tool belt, shirtless, and a little dewy with sweat. His verbal banter wouldn’t hurt as a distraction either. With a long exhale, she shoved the thought into a little box, readying herself for the oncoming storm.