Friday, February 09, 2007

Dragon Lust by Tilly Greene is OUT!

That's right, Dragon Lust by Tilly Greene is now available at loveyoudivine

Ryder Smythe and Taylor Andersen, homegrown boys now in the big city, want to start the weekend with a night of wicked indulgences.

Alice Jones comes in search of a way to release the tension of the week, only she finds so much more.

O'Reilly's is an average bar where people went to find their personal pleasures, no matter how odd or different they may sound and on one particular Friday night, a dragon reigns supreme.

It wouldn't have surprised anyone if they'd walked right out of a fashion advertisement in their faded t-shirts, well-worn button fly jeans, complete with holes and frayed edges, and sneakers. But she'd bet the house their normal clothing for work was suits, shirts and ties.

Without a doubt they'd look just as handsome in those fancier clothes as they did in these casual togs.

This bar was special, a place where no false promises were ever offered. She'd chosen to wear something that flagrantly showed the state of mind she was in. Tonight she was eager to please the right man, or men, and the condition of these twos cocks made it clear they'd come for more than a casual beer.

The discomfort in her knees and odd position of her arms refocused her attention on the man who held the key to her fulfillment. Her body hummed with excitement.

Yes, tonight would be a spectacular night.

Start your weekend right, head over to loveyoudivine and pick up a copy of Dragon Lust by Tilly Greene.

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