Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where the heck am I!?!

I've been traveling...went to the cutie's convention in Lexington Kentucky and will eventually stop at the RT Booklovers convention in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania starting this Wednesday.

Today I'm peeking into the closet on The Romance Studio blog where I look into the question: Why Does it Matter What Dress We Wear?

Wednesday at 3:00pm I'll be on the Samhain Publishing blog talking about Conventions from the hotel in Pittsburgh!

Wednesday night from 5-7:00pm will be the eBook Expo and it is open to the public. So even if you don't fancy the convention, there'll be loads of authors and eBook chat to keep everyone pleased.

Saturday from 11-2:00pm is the Giant Book Fair and it's open to the public as well.

So, if you're in the Pittsburgh area, head over to the Hilton [600 Commonwealth Place] and seek out a favorite author or find a new one, there'll be many to tempt your reading tastebuds. And, if you're not nearby, there's other events going on this week to keep your book/ebook needs fulfilled or something coming to your neighborhood at a later date.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

It's Wednesday night. My feet hurt.

Tilly Greene said...

It's now Thursday at 1:18pm and my feet really hurt!

Tempest Knight said...

Have fun! And take lots of pics and share!

Tilly Greene said...

Oh man, I'm so bad! I have a camera with me and haven't taken one piccie...bad Tilly!