Friday, February 11, 2011

Do You Dream of Being a Prince(ss)?

Stephen Friedman Gallery in London may offer you the best chance you'll ever have to be a Prince(ss) - at least for a few minutes and maybe even with a picture to prove it.

American artist Jennifer Rubell has installed a life-sized sculpture [by Daniel Druet, careful, music on website] of Prince William, the future king of England called Engagement. Anyone can go stand beside the figure, place an arm through Wills, and slip a finger into a duplicate of the official engagement ring.

Woohoo, your engaged! Seriously, I hope some guy slips his finger into the ring, and has a picture taken. Wouldn't that be fabulous?!?

Thank you Jennifer Rubell for the picture and fun art installation, plot bunnies abound - anyone else see time travel potential?

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