Monday, August 29, 2011

Naughty Thought for Monday

Okay, it's Monday, you didn't do any laundry which means no clean underwear...what do you do?

No problem, pick up Bronze Underwear from Dacotang on Etsy for $777.00.  They fit all, come with a hefty rope to keep them in place, "are wearable under most pants" and the bronze is skin friendly.

It's the later that kind of makes me pause.  Does this mean it can be used as a, um, well, condom of sorts?

The designer says it can, for some, boost the libido so I think it's a legitimate question, especially when the upgraded version is seen.

For a mere $7777.00 you can purchase the Luxury Bronze Underwear with 14 Tahitian Pearls attached.  Surely those are for a partner and not the wearer - right?

In my opinion, if a woman was in a bar and checked out a man's crown only to find lumps where a slick hard-on should be, they'd run!

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