Wednesday, December 12, 2012

There is so very much fabness going on with the NEW @ellorascave website!

The fabness [yes, I made up a new word] is happening with Ellora's Cave NEW website and I thought I'd fill you in on them, so here it goes:

Gift Cards!  Yes, there are gift cards for you to get for yourself to help make shopping easier, and to give to a friend ... all good stuff!

Search!  You can now just type in an authors name, book title, whatever, and search the website for an answer ... cool!
Domain!  JasmineJade was fine, but I am so happy to have it all as in all the imprints and boutique  are under one name ... ELLORA'S CAVE!

I told you it was all fabness :-)

Now that you know, head over and check it out for yourself ... start with my page and books!

Enjoy the new discovery!

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