Sunday, October 26, 2014

TASTE FOR BLOOD by Tilly Greene is out until October 31!

Available until October 31 ONLY!

Taste for Blood by Tilly Greene
vampire erotica + blood lust and a wicked piercing



People visit Whitby to enjoy an old English seaside town, eat fish and chips and possibly see a vampire or two. Ella lives there and is hunting a fake vamp that uses a famous young adult book series to ruin many young girls’ lives. One night a man she’s been watching shows his true colors and she puts her plan for revenge into action. Everything was in place for an anonymous act until an unpredicted twist flips things on their head. With only seconds to decide, she’s forced to make changes and ends up getting something she hadn’t bargained for—a sexy man who wants nothing except her body.

Revenge is sweet, but is a night of wild sex too high a price to pay for murder?

WARNING: Slightly gruesome erotic romance with sex during and after killing, plus a bit of blood lust, self-pleasure and a sexy piercing.

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