Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quite a bit has been happening lately

I've been interviewed by JoJo of JoJo's Book Corner fame [and am chatting as well as hosting a giveaway today] and also by Grace of the Livre de Amor.

In regards to writing, I stood up for the In-Betweeners with 'Grey is a Good Starting Place' on Selena Illyria's blog which hosted a month+ discussion on Hero, Villian or In-Between.

With AAD coming around the corner, I offered up the '5 Reasons Why I Love AAD' on the Authors After Dark blog, and now even more eager for August to get here.

On a personal level, I talked about my 'Favorite Things' on the Samhain Publishing Blog, and 'My Big Sin' on Leigh Ellwood's Me Want Food blog.

During all that, I also had "Tied Up For Love" released, and shall share an excerpt soon.

Phrew, need to catch my breath, and finish "Missing"!

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