Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Missing in Paradise by Tilly Greene is OUT!

Missing in Paradise by Tilly Greene
contemporary erotic romance + bondage

eBook now available at Ellora's Cave

When the love of Mike’s life breaks up with him abruptly, he doesn’t know where to turn. Mary is an emotional mess who reacts without thinking, and immediately regrets her decision. Making things right with Mike isn’t easy. It requires privacy to rebuild their love and share their lust. Neither expects their getaway to become a major news story.

The tattooed retired surfer and daytime TV star are opposites, yet perfect for each other. But paradise isn’t easy on them. Their bond will need to stand up to the strain of a public-relations nightmare if they have any hope of making it work.


Mary Miller breathed deeply of the fresh salty air as she sat on the beach and watched Mother Nature do her thing. Waves crashed with a roar, rushed onto shore only to disintegrate and return to the ocean with a gentle swishing sound. The motion was a constant, predictable and yet never the same. She didn’t know when it happened, but at some point the beach had become an example of what she wanted out of life. No sharp edges or harsh points to cause pain throughout a unique journey.

The peacefulness of the beach at dawn eased into her pores and pushed out the tension. A slight breeze carried ocean spray to her uplifted face. There was only one blotch on her otherwise wonderful life. Mike Kane, the man she loved and had broken up with before he eventually walked out on her. They were great together and she’d wanted forever with him, except she knew they wouldn’t last that long. Leaving before she was left had been her solution for self-preservation. Unfortunately, she’d handled it all wrong and had only herself to blame.

Sipping her coffee, she watched a surfer ride a wave in with a variety of moves, before turning back over the crest and heading out for more. Maybe it was relaxing on the beach or watching surfers tackle the waves, but he was there in her head. She needed to figure out what to do next. As for the decision to leave first, she knew ending their time together hadn’t been right from the beginning, but had done it anyway and regretted it ever since.

“Hey,” the casual one word greeting startled her, but it was a large board and paddle dropping to the sand that made her jump. She looked up to see the man she’d been thinking about sit at her side. Encased in a full wetsuit, he rested his arms on bent knees as he checked out the waves.

Mary hadn’t a clue what to say or do to ease the tension between them. They’d been friends as kids, sweethearts in high school and finally lovers as adults. She didn’t want to lose him, but needed to think about what was best for her mental state.

Knowing an apology was necessary and actually giving one were two different things. She had no idea where to start, but knew simply saying sorry wouldn’t be nearly enough. Turning to look at him, she was struck by how handsome he was and her body responded to his sensual appeal. Didn’t her brain know it should be taking the lead right then, not her physical need for him. Apparently the two parts of her weren’t talking either and the pulse of desire beating in her pussy managed to rev up her hunger to be held by Mike again.

Had she said hello? She couldn’t remember saying anything and was shocked. Then again, it wasn’t a total surprise. Obviously Mike Kane robbed her of common sense. Looking at him closely, she soaked in every bit of flesh hidden away and left highlighted by the black rubber suit. Only his head, hands and feet were visible, and she felt compelled to wrap her arms and legs around him and never let go.

An onshore breeze helped the waves rise higher and delightfully rumpled his brown hair. She loved when it was in need of a cut. A little long so the strands curled a bit around the ears and neck. He’d probably rolled out of bed, put on the wetsuit and come out to paddle over the cold water. The man emoted sex and her need for his touch grew in strength. Her breath caught in the back of her throat when he turned and met her gaze. There was something there deep in the beautiful brown orbs that made her flinch, but they were connected. With the bond made, she was reminded of the last time they were intimate and wished they were making love instead of not talking to each other on the beach.

As if he read her mind, Mike suddenly held her as if he’d never let go and she was exactly where she wanted to be—held by him.

Momentum took them down to the sand where he held her hands on the sand by her head. Unable to manage a single word to either tell him yes or no, and it was definitely a yes, she gasped with pleasure when he threw a rubber covered leg over hers. The move hadn’t been necessary because there was no chance she’d leave.

In a heartbeat, his lips pressed firmly against hers and all she knew was how much she wanted whatever he offered. What they shared was not soft or tender, but what passed between them was filled with turmoil of raw passion and emotions.

He opened his mouth, ran his tongue across the seam as if demanding entrance and hers opened, ready to be ravished. They circled and danced around each other, hungry for the link they’d shared before. Thankfully Mike couldn’t ignore her need for his possession. He teased her passion to the surface and promised fulfillment. At first the kiss they shared was packed with what she believed was desire and love, then lust denied rushed forward and wouldn’t be ignored.

It was pure coincidence that he’d come down to the beach to paddle and collect his thoughts before seeing Mary, only to find her calmly watching the dawn’s surfers. Everything he’d planned to say to her fled as blood pumped through his body. Mike inhaled deeply to try to gain stability, only he caught a whiff of her flowery scent and was lost. He reached out and took what he wanted. The woman he loved was in his arms, beneath him, and he showed her what they had together.

Missing in Paradise by Tilly Greene
contemporary erotic romance + bondage

eBook now available at Ellora's Cave


Jane said...

Happy Release Day, Tilly.

Tilly Greene said...

Thanks darlin' - it's one of those days that seems to take forever to come and then BANG it's here :-)

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