Tuesday, January 01, 2013

We visited bonnie Scotland, Edinburgh actually, and it wasn't nearly long enough!

This year we decided to shake things up and fly into Edinburgh instead of London and take a couple days to see the city again.  Let me state this at the beginning, we're going to fly that way again and stay for longer, we loved Edinburgh before and fell in love all over again.

We were staying just off the Royal Mile so walked it a few times and Princes Street even more, but something we'd never done before and wanted to do this time was see the Royal Britannia.  This is the royal yacht that has recently be laid to rest in Leith and boy was it worth a visit.

I admit to thinking before we got there that it would be a bit boring and we'd move through quickly, boy was I wrong.  It was fascinating to see how the royals and laymen lived together in such small quarters, boy to I mean small!

Halfway through the 3+ hour tour we stepped into the tea shop and had lunch, so decadent.  Cutie ordered a cuppa [actually a little pot that holds about three cups] and I a hot chocolate ... yum!  From there I had a sandwich ... crusts were left on, and the cutie had cullen skink, a fishy thing so I passed on tasting but he enjoyed.

From top to bottom, rear to stern [?], we took in the ship and would recommend others make the short and easy trip out to see it.

There was shopping to do, it was Christmas time after all, and pubs to visit.  The two I'll note here are Oxford Bar from Ian Rankin's Rebus books and yeah, it is exactly how he writes it!  The other was Royal Cafe from Chariots of Fire movie.  Nope, don't remember the scene but the friend of ours who lives there and recommended a few places to us said it was a must visit and he was so very right.  We loved this pub so much we went next door to the restaurant for dinner.
My problem with eating in Scotland is the copious amount of seafood but here they had a single ever so small quail leg resting on a cushion of garlic mash potatoes for me and a bowl of mulles et frites for the cutie followed by a glass of fine whisky for afters ... a when in Rome kind of thing.

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