Wednesday, January 02, 2013

When on vacation why not revisit a couple favorite locations found in my books!

Earlier I mentioned going to the Oxford Bar in Edinburgh from Ian Rankin's Rebus books and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  So, when we went south to Leeds in Yorkshire where I went to university, we thought why not visit a few spots I put into seriously kinky My Angel from the Good Bad and Kinky series?

We were shopping, walking from arcade to street, when I realized we were trolling through the arcade I'd chosen to host a sexy lingerie shop the couple visit and pick up a few interesting items.  It was dressed for Christmas but not in an over-the-top kind of way ... I found the decor rather elegant.

Next we meandered down Briggate and once we passed the Victoria Quarter and Harvey Nichols, we kept our eyes peeled to the right and there it was, up high, a sign denoting the pub we were looking for and it was there.  Walking down the subtle short enclosed pathway or gulley, we stepped out into an open space between the buildings.  From there it was a simple choice of where to go for lunch ... Whitelock's!

With a fine pint of Old Peculier ... honestly, the BEST! ... we sat down for a beef pie, monster chips, peas and sprouts while talking with the sweetest older gentleman ever.  He was a local who had had a stroke so everything "fine" or "fair" which was fine with us.  You see that is the best part of visiting the older pubs, the locals you find within on a cold day taking a rest and a pint.


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