Friday, November 04, 2011

Clearing up a Geisha Urban Myth

"Geishas are traditional, female Japanese entertainers whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music and dance." [Wikipedia]

While the elaborate make-up and hair, coupled with the traditional attire, make it easier to label a woman a geisha, there is much more to who they are and what they do than their appearance.  They are entertainers through dance, games, masterful discourse and a skill at maintaining traditions, what they are not is prostitutes.  Prostitution in Japan exists and is very complicated, but geishas do not exchange their bodies for money.

Back in the late 600's the female entertainer position started to take shape as a serving girl who may or may not sell sexual services.  Over the years, a gap between those who were educated in the arts and those who served and were paid for sex grew, separating prostitutes from entertainers.

The Oiran who were courtesans and actresses - entertainers who also offered sex - took over in the 1600's and blended the line for what would later become geishas.

In 1872, after some controversy, surprise surprise, a law was passed that separated prostitutes from geishas, who the government considered more refined and shouldn't be sullied by association with the sex service industry.

When WWII broke out in 1945, the American GI considered geishas prostitutes and they haven't been able to discard that cloak ever since.  They are a private group who are focused on their own field and therefore don't address the issue, but I'm here to say:

Geishas are not Prostitutes - but they do make for a wonderful fantasy!

The geisha and prostitute roles are combined by the heroine who is neither, she's a woman who actually works in the import/export of beef business, in Konnichiwa Cowboy [Contemporary/Light Western Erotica + D/s].  Here's a small taste of her as all three:

Even though her hands clasped together in her lap, she couldn't stop her fingers from fidgeting with a desire to stroke the tempting package.

"Come over here, my little geisha girl, and show me how you entertain men with that sexy painted mouth."

There was no elegant way to stand up on her own, even crawling would be difficult unless she shifted the kimono out of the way. Letting her purse and fan fall from her wrists, she lifted one knee up a bit, pulled the silk robe from underneath, then repeated the process with the other before making her way to Matt.

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