Thursday, November 10, 2011

What is the Dark Tower?

Not the Stephen King series, but the real Dark Tower?

"A swank literary salon-cum-nightclub in 1920s Harlem." is what the Encyclopedia of the Exquisite is talking about.

Let's be honest, this establishment offered everything that was fabulous in that time, book discussion from the Harlem Renaissance period and music, and it was handled in an open-door policy by A'Lelia Walker, heiress to the Madam C.J. Walker [her mother] Manufacturing Company hair care and beauty empire.  Everyone from luminaries such as Langston Hughes and WEB Du Bois to royalty from Europe and the fat cats of Park Avenue.  Black and white, rich or poor, I'm sure it was an exciting mix.

"...unless you were there early there was no possible way of getting in," Hughes [1902-1967] wrote in his autobiography.  "Her parties were as crowded as the New York subway at the rush hour."
Okay, now that's a packed house and she sounds like wonderful lady who, by the way, liked to wear turbans, jewels and carry a riding crop, so let's add sassy to the wonderful.

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