Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Fashionable Kimono

Learning how to put on a kimono is one of those traditions a mother passes on to a daughter, although it's said to still be a difficult task.  I took the directions of how a kimono is supposed to be donned from JapanZone and made a few alterations for Konnichiwa Cowboy, and let's just say it was interesting writing both dressing and undressing scenes!

Here's an excerpt for the new release that touches on the kimono:

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Without waiting for him to say anything else, she took a few steps back so he could see all of her, then worked on stripping in a seductive manner.

As a slow, sexy rhythm played in her head, she reached behind her and worked on undoing the obi. Once it was loosened, she held the ends behind her, causing her kimono to open far enough to give him just a hint of what lay beneath. Letting the long strips of silk and stiff cotton she held fall down to the ground, she was happy she’d decided to forgo the plain shift normally worn beneath the kimono.

Pulling the two sides together, she turned around and slowly shifted the heavy silk garment to slip down one arm, then the other. Looking over her shoulder, she watched as he reached for his cock and stroked the towering pole. Not able to hold out any longer, she let the decorated silk drop to her waist and let it slowly slip to the floor.

Completely naked except for the long white socks and sandals was a tricky look to pull off as sexy, but believed she’d managed. Sakura actually felt empowered by what she saw reflected on Matt’s face. She knew when a need so powerful took control of his body. He had started to stand, only to fall back into his seat. That one move ensured she wouldn’t doubt he wanted her, although she enjoyed it even more when she saw how much desire there was inside him for her. He may have seen a geisha, but wanted her.

“Turn around.”

Twirling around on her clunky sandals, she stood with one hip cocked out and finally looked him in the eyes to make sure he knew what she wanted. Him.

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