Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Book Talk takes me to France, Paris in particular with ...

Versailles by Valérie Bajou
Published by Abrams Books

A spectacularly opulent relic of royal wealth and power comes alive in Versailles. Highlighting the château’s vibrant, tumultuous past, the book covers everything from its metamorphosis from humble hunting lodge to palace, to the dismantling of its collections during the French Revolution and its restoration and status as a UNESCO World Heritage site today. In addition, the singular château is explored from top to bottom in an extravagantly extensive photographic tour that reveals the many priceless artistic and architectural treasures of this palace of palaces.
This was a random find and I am utterly delighted!
Inside is full of those types of pictures you want to take when you there but can't because of lighting, visitors and, well, skill - at least for me personally the ability to take a good picture is not nearly as good as others.  That said, what makes this book a true treasure and the binding makes it a gift option as well.  The simple binding offers a substantial feel to the book and the gold edged pages make it a yummy delight to leaf through.  Seriously, this proves books can still be made beautifully and not cost a bloody fortune.
Thank you Bajou and Abrams, feeling the love for Versailles all over again.  One of the more powerful gems calling me to come revisit is the Fountain of Enceladus by Gaspard Marsay (1675-77) - so powerful - do I sense another Mythological Messes Redux story brewing?

He's gorgeous!

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