Wednesday, March 07, 2012

How some handsome hunk ends up a Hump Day Hottie here on Hot Thoughts Blog

You'd think it would be easy.  A hot guy is found and posted, done, but no, my mind often makes it a more convoluted process.  In the case of today's man, the gorgeous Scotsman Gerard Butler, it started in a completely different direction.

The kick off point for me was actually trying to figure out when was the Ides of March - 3, 5, 7, 15 were all mentioned - as a relatives 60th birthday was around then.  The relative is English so the mind twittered over there and I wondered who our First Footer was this year because we weren't in jolly 'ol where it was a more common activity - at least it is in the North.  From there I thought of Scotland and how the Dressed to Kilt fashion show was coming soon (April), that's when Gerard Butler who'd been in the back of my mind from the 300 movie came forward.  The man is handsome, but when he wore a leather kilt and pink shirt while carrying a sword, well, he took it to another level.

Now, the other day on Pinterest - love that place, someone posted today's Hump Day Hottie pic and it is actually my favorite of here's Gerard Butler, enjoy!

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