Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fantabulous News x 3 = Tremendous Joy!

Recently I received the wonderful news that Tease Publishing had accepted not one, not two, but all three books in my 'Come' trilogy - shapeshifting erotic romances - and I had to share the news!

The 'Come' series delves into the lives of three brothers who aren't the typical Russian émigrés.  To make life more trying, they aren't able to be truly happy until they fully accept who they are and what the future holds for them.  Only once that happens will the women they love respond to their call and come.

"Come Back" is the first book and shares Mikhail Ivanovich's, the eldest Ivanovich brother, path to reclaiming love and will be out this Spring with "Come to Me" [book 2] - Nikolai's story - and "Come and Stay" [book 3] - Aleksandr's story - to follow.

Soon I'll be sharing more snippets and treats from the series here and there, so keep your eyes open for some seriously sexy Russian shifters.  Meanwhile, yes, they are Russian but they live in NYC.  Maybe you'll cross their paths in Central Park or circling the Empire State Building.


Jane said...

Congrats on the book deal, Tilly. Ooh, maybe I will bump into them in the city.

Tilly Greene said...

Thank you darlin' and you just might, where it's full of trees and green, at The Met or even doing a little shopping - a man has to look good for his lady :-)