Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Are You a Fan of GBS?

Who, what or where is GBS, you ask?

It's George Bernard Shaw and I am a fan of his.  I took a course in college on Irish Literature and fell in love with his plays.  They were witty, intellectual, and thought provoking.  Major Barbara and Caesar and Cleopatra will often pop into my head.  Sadly, when I moved abroad and had to widdle my books down to 1 tonne [very hard], the collection of his plays was passed on to the local Friends of the Library and I've never purchased them again.

That may change because I just found out something new about GBS that has me wanting to rediscover his work.  He loved collecting and taking photographs.  A new side to the man and you can view the first images of his collection that is being put online at London School of Economics and Political Science [or http://lib-1.lse.ac.uk/archivesblog/?tag=bernard-shaw].

My recent edition of the National Trust Magazine had some and they showed a new side to the man.  The picture [George Bernard Shaw in Long Johns] above is from the LSE archives - thank you, for putting these online.  I will be enjoying the revelation of the photographer GBS and what it reveals of him.

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