Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Day Before the Big Day

What happens in the Greene household on the day before Thanksgiving?

Well, normally we'd be to the left of us, at the beach, relaxing with family and helping [by staying out of the way] my sister prepare for the masses to decend.  Masses?  Yup.  There'd her and BIL, four+two kids, my mom, the cutie and I, as well as BIL's mom and probablly sister, husband and two kids.  16 = masses in my book.

However, this year is different.  For the first time in quite some time we aren't going to the left and the two eldest neices are hostessing the event in their territory - brave souls!  I will miss them all and plan on making phone calls throughout the day to keep tabs on it all.  But not to worry, we're going to our neighbors for turkey, and shall be great fun.  I'm in charge of the devilled eggs [even though I don't eat them, I can make them :-)] and the cutie is preparing a mashed potatoes, onion, cheese mixture in a lovely pie/tart crust - yummy!  We're thinking of also bring sausages wrapped in bacon, only because we love them and want to share some of what we like.  We'll shop and prepare for this today, and also walk into town to get a special card and ornament.

Today, the cutie and I will also be going into the city [NYC] to watch some of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons get blown up.  It's a fun couple of hours checking it all out with a hot chocolate in hand, and then going home.  This is one of the few holidays that feels like a real holiday to me.  When we lived to the right of us and there was no Thanksgiving, so I would take the two days off and treat friends to a Turkey meal.  A few were serious disasters, but I'll leave the sharing of those for another day.

Something else on my list for today is that I'll be opening the door to reveal something rather personal on the Samhain Publishing Blog, so go over and comment - I have a seriously sweet treat to giveaway to a random commenter over there!

Today is going to be great day of pre-holiday festivities - ENJOY!

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