Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ralph Lauren is King

I've been a fan of Ralph Lauren clothes, even though many carry the polo logo - which I can't stand, for many many years.  Here's a little memory nuggest to share with you guys.

Back in the day I was a fan of punk music and I attended a concerts with friends almost every Friday night wearing my hot pink Ralph Lauren shorts, white man's dress shirt, and old men's golfing cardigans [and naughty pins decorating it] with a pair of painted Keds [should pick that up again, it was a fun way to express my fashion tastes]. Rather clean cut sounding for a punk concert, but the earring were what really finished it all off. My favorite at the time was a fishing hook with a rubber frog dangling down to my shoulder or a pair of rubber spiders. Still have all of them, although I'm not sure why.

Where did that all come from?

Ralph Lauren has a pair of cuff links, skulls with great top hats, that I adore and it just so happens the hero of Missing in Paradise might wear them on a special night out. You see, he is a huge fan of skulls and skeleton ink, so why wouldn't he wear them on a shirt for a special night out?

Wait until you read where the heroine wears skulls - it's all fun!

Anyway, Dior and Alexandre McQueen were two other high fashion designers who went macabre recently, and did it very well.


practimom said...

they are fun! I do love them!

Tilly Greene said...

Who says dark can't be elegant and fun! I'm working on a scene were the heroine plays around in this area for her Grammy attire - what a hoot!