Friday, January 07, 2011

A Bit of the Greene Holidays: Pub Stuff

Time to pull a few bits and pieces I've posted this week together.

We landed in London and had a day, one day, to get a few things done and we kind of did them all.  One thing was to visit the Cabinet War Rooms, another was to enjoy some Crispy Duck, and the third thing we wanted to do was see a friend.  There were others, but with it snowing and us getting into vacation mode, we cut it down to these three things.

What we hadn't thought to do in the snow is a pub crawl, but that is exactly what ended up happening.

After the museum we dashed to Liverpool Street station to meet our friend at a local pub once he finished with work.  It was a nice pub, but packed, so we moved on to another which was again, okay, but had no personality, and so moved to a third.  This is where we decided to have one and do a crawl to Chinatown.  Let me remind you, it's snowing, maybe mid-20's/F, and we haven't eaten all day.

The next pub found us in the Smithfield section of London with it's longstanding market, which was closed, but still some of the best pubs we've ever visited in the city.  Where we went to next was my favorite pub of the night, Cittie of Yorke, and also happens to be where the last picture I took on the crawl was taken.  Somehow the camera was put onto panaromic and ended up with one picture showing the pub sign and front so we can find it again and the third [right] is we think the street, sideways, and have know idea why this was taken.

Okay, moving on from there we visited two more historic pubs, and then to Chinatown for Crispy Duck.  Unfortunately, we didn't check our watches, and after eating discovered the tubes had stopped [12:30am] and so we walked.  First to Russell Square [our hotel] and then our friend went on to the train station where he picked up a train for home.  After an hour ride and thirty minute walk, he made it home, and slept for three hours - had to be at work early the next morning, we merely took the train north and beat the blizzard [relative really because it was maybe 5" in the city] that had been building since we arrived.

Told you the pub crawl could be fun, but also very bad.

There you go, a very small snippet of our time in England for Christmas :-)

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