Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hump Day Reflections

I'm finishing off Missing in Paradise where the hero is a pro-surfer who retired after a shark attack and possesses some rather unique tattoos.  He has a wicked bad boy reputation who was caught by the press in a few naughty interludes.  While those happened in the past, everyone knows him to be the same person he was before, a down-to-earth guy who happens to really enjoy sex.  However, time has moved on, and the sex is best with the heroine who inadvertently turns his world upside down with a phone call.

This photo of Adam Levine of Maroon 5 by Ben Riggott [found on Homotography but featured in the UK's Cosmopolitan] reminded me of my guy.

As for the heroine, she's has no match, really, but if I had to try and find one it would sort of be Martha Stewart + Pink + Heather Locklear + a dash more of individuality.  Told you, not really like anyone else, but she is the perfect match for the hero.

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