Friday, January 21, 2011

A Pledge and a Challenge!

Making a difference-the pledge. I pledge-do you? I challenge you...

I challenge you to the 'reuse fashion' pledge" here are the rules and the signed pledge form. Pass along!

REUSE: The Pledge
I, Tilly Greene, pledge that I shall abstain from the purchase of "new" manufactured items of clothing, for the period of 2 months. I pledge that i shall refashion, renovate, recycle preloved items for myself by purchasing only what I need from a used clothing store, or make the item myself, for the term of my contract. I pledge that I will share the love and post a photo(s) of my refashioned, recycled, crafted or created item of clothing on my blog (s), here on Facebook-or other online venues so that others may share the joy that reusing brings, and show the world how easy it is to make a difference, 'going green' to help the environment!

Signed Tilly Greene

The Rules
1. No buying new! (handmade- or used only) All clothing must be Recycled, Renovated, Preloved or Thrifted, or Handmade only for the term. Employment related and special needs clothing (ie sports,) shoes and undies are not part of the "used / home made" rules.

2. In extreme circumstances, maybe a special event, or the worlds greatest and most amazing never to be repeated sale that you simply can not pass up, you may use the Get out of Refashionista Jail Free card. You are able to use this card once during the 2 month part of your contract. Of course you need to fess up on the blog and display what you bought so the world can judge for itself if it was indeed a 'fashion-must-have' emergency.

3. You must post on you blog(s), Facebook or other on line venues at least once a week to let the community know what you've been up to. This will not only give you brag points, but inspire and encorouge others.

4. You need to be honest and admit when you've fallen off the Refashionista Wagon! And suffer the 'comments' that your actions caused.

And you...
Are you up for it? Can you go two months without buying anything "new"?  I'll be posting mainly on Facebook [this is the main me] because that's where I was challenge, but anything big [using my free card or actually crafting something] I'll share here as well.

One of the reasons I accepted this challenge we're in the midst of Fashionmania otherwise known as award season, oh, and because of the heroine in Missing in Paradise. Why? She just so happens to be the reuse guru - love the oddity of timing :-)

The cute dress above, made from phonebooks, was designed by Jolis Paons and posted on Crafty Crafty.  They have an entire section devoted to recycled fashion - fascinating stuff.


practimom said...

that dress is adorable. I live in a college town and a couple of years ago, some of the art students had a contest of making clothing out of used materials. one lady made a outfit out of Bazooka bubble gum wrappers, but the winner made a dress out of krispy kreme donust wrappers. it was awesome to see it. thanks for sharing! could i go a month without buying new clothes??? yeah, i would rather buy books :)!

Tilly Greene said...

How cool to wear bubble gum and krispy kreme donuts - wrappers, that is :-) When you put it as clothes vs books, yeah, books win every time!