Thursday, January 27, 2011

When Research Gives Too Much Information

I have hit a difficult junction with my current WIP, part of the Mythological Messes Redux series, where I've unearthed a great deal of information, albeit interesting, but it's far too convoluted to put into a story.

Let me ask if you know anything about Centaurs?  Satyrs?  Yes, of course you do, but what about Ipotane?  Ipotane?  No?  What if I told you they were the "original version of satyrs" and yet have more in common with centaurs?  Confused?  Not to worry, I am as well and studied the subject for many years, but there you have it - too much information.

Centuars are part human and part horse.
Satyrs are part human and part goat.
Ipotane are part human and part horse.

Just in case you're wondering, Fauns are not listed above because they're part of Roman Mythology, although time has brought them into association with satyrs and the Greek god Pan, and I'm not even going to bring up the Silene issue.

Phrew, told you there was bit too much, and yet interesting, information.

Anyway, here's the question:  Should I be factual with my character who is actually a Ipotane, has previously been called a satyr, but use centaur instead because they're more known and that's what he looks like?  Feels a bit like a lie to me.  I guess I should also mention that my hero has a minor position in Greek Mythology, but I'm reworking his myth a bit so he can bet a redux - originally he died.  Yup, lots and lots of stuff circling this WIP, when really it's a simple tale of love discovered in the most unlikely places.

Well, I think there is a point when the reference books need to be put down and a line needs to be drawn, and I'm doing it here.  He is an Ipotane and I'll work that into the story. 

What do you think?


practimom said...

do what you feel comfy with. cuz if you don't, in the back of your mind it might make you crazy. and i am sure crazy Tilly is not a happy Tilly ^_^!

Tilly Greene said...

HA! You are so right, darlin'! Tilly needs things to be just so and doesn't handle it well when things don't work. I imagine it wouldn't surprise you to know I was one of those kids that didn't like to color outside the box - it wasn't tidy :-)