Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Allow me to introduce you to the first true self-erecting...

Photo borrowed from The Popuplady
 ... pop-up!

S. Louis Giraud [1879-1950], a newspaper publicist, entered the world of movable books with a page-activated, 360 degree, 3D paper constructions.  While collaborating with Theordore Bown, an inventor of optical entertainments - pop-ups as we know them today - were included in the 1929 Daily Express Children's Annual.

Where did I learn this fabulous information?

From A Celebrat10n of Pop-Up and Movable Books, published in 2004 by the Movable Book Society as a Special Limited Edition.  It's a must have for the paper engineer lover as a wonderful fount of information on the development of over 700 years of pop-ups.  The book is difficult to find, but if you stumble across one, pick it up and enjoy.

This year the Movable Book Society holds its 9th Biennial Conference in Salt Lake City, UT [September 27-29] and if you're in the area, go and be enthralled by the magic that happens between the covers of a book!

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