Thursday, February 23, 2012

There is beauty in swinging and pulling, yet all is...

... calm in Fishing for the Moon and other Zen stories pop-up by Lulu Hansen.

Not all 3D books need to have elaborate happenings to make them enjoyable, it really does depend on the text itself as to what type of mechnical magic brings a sparkle to a pop-up.

In A Rock in Your Head page to the right, the rock above the gentleman in blue's head actually strated out closer to the edge of the page.  As the page is opened, it has a wonderful shooting action that sends the meaning to the viewer that the missile is about to hit his head.  I won't go into the meaning of the story, but suffice it to say he had the wrong answer and went back inside for more training.

This pop-up is wonderfully constructed, each device to bring the magic was well chosen, and is one I've gifted to others.  It's a peaceful, thoughtful, book with beautiful illustrations.

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