Friday, February 10, 2012

February Means Chocolate Time - Day 5!

The fifth and final stop on my hot chocolate hunt was in Munich and also one on the list of Best Hot Chocolate from Travel & Leisure Magazine I've been using as inspiration and trial since 2007.

Trachtenvogl Cafe-Lounge [Reichenbachstr. 47]
"Thirty flavors of hot chocolate fill the menu at this cozy-chic retreat in the lively Isarvorstadt distrct.  Our favorites: vanilla Cream, Chestnut, Orange Cinnamon, and the signature cuppa, Hot Chocolate Aztec, with its blend of chile, cloves, peanuts, and extra-bitter cocoa.  Soy milk in on hand for nondairy drinkers."
That's what Charolotte Druckman, the author of the list of four establishments, had to say and I don't disagree.  It was fun, unique, hip in how it used a 50's vibe in a bright, front room kind of setting.

The cutie was there and he speaks German so he ordered for me, a heisse schokolade, a hot chocolate.  I can't remember which he said it was, the menu was extensive, what I do know is that I enjoyed the delightful cup.

Was it my favorite of the four, actually two since that's all I've been to on the list, no but it was very good and the place was fun to sit and chat.  What I've learned from this latest hunt is that the cafe itself played a part in how much I liked a cup of hot chocolate, but I'd also recommend you visit any that I've listed - there were others that, for some reason, didn't make the cut or even rate a mention.

Oooo, I'm so tough!  I guess I am when it comes to a fantastic cuppa cocoa :-)

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