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Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Cheri Valmont's Excerpt #1

Cheri Valmont is in the Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 with me and  Susan M Sailors.  Where last week I posted excerpts from Susan's four Torrid Teasers, this week I thought I'd post each of Cheri's!

SEX MACHINE (Science Fiction - #1 in Kazphyrian series)

After repairing a Zand pleasure ’droid, android technician, Teena Andrenas is offered a chance to meet Zand and the first pleasure ’droid ever created. The owner of Zand Robotics, Zand Gorsend, soon realizes Teena is the female for him. Can he convince her he’s real and meant to be her one, true mate?


"Congratulations, Mistress."

Teena Andrenas started when the deep sexy voice came out of the gorgeous android before her. Although she should have expected it. He was one of the extremely rare Zand pleasure 'droids she'd only ever heard rumors concerning. She never thought she'd get her hands on one?literally.

"Thank you, uh. . .What are you called?" she asked after she realized the work order had not given a specific name for the 'droid.

"I am called Zand Ten, Mistress."

Since he'd risen from his place on her worktable, Teena was feeling small and fragile next to the muscular 6'4 pleasure 'droid dream. She even found herself feeling flustered in his company, now that she'd repaired his circuits and he looked, for all accounts, like a living, breathing person. Even knowing he was an android built specifically to bring only sexual pleasure to another person, she couldn't suppress her instinctive response to him. His midnight black hair and smoky gray eyes would cause any sexual being's circuits to sizzle.

Stop it, Teena; you're above all this nonsense!

But as the 'droid observed her attentively, Teena felt her heart kick into double time. How clever of Zand Robotics to build such an appealing pleasure 'droid. If she had the funds, she wouldn't mind owning one herself.

Who was she kidding? She'd never brought up enough nerve to be intimate with a real person, much less this mechanical hunk that was rumored to be geared to fulfill any being's fantasy.

"Can I assist you, Mistress?"

The 'droid's voice jerked her out of her reverie. "What? Oh, sorry!" Damn, now she was apologizing to the thing. "No, Zand Ten. You must be the last model. I heard they only made 10."

"You are correct, Mistress, I am the last Zand my master made." Zand Ten kept his steady gaze on her.

"Your master?" Teena turned away from the 'droid's unsettling eyes, but couldn't resist muttering, "What I wouldn't give to meet that master."

"You may do so, Mistress."

"What!" Teena swung back around to face Zand Ten again and found him grinning at her with a smugness she never expected from a machine.

"Indeed, Mistress, since you were clever enough to repair me, my master has programmed an invitation for you to be brought to Zand headquarters and make his acquaintance. If that is your desire?" Having a gorgeous man, albeit even only an android, ask her if something was her desire, brought thoughts of the risqu? kind quickly to mind. Especially a naked android, which was probably why she was becoming so agitated in his presence.

Although she still hadn't answered his question, something in her eyes must have triggered his pleasure 'droid senses, because he moved closer to her and slid his arms around her.

"Zand Ten, what are you doing!" she demanded, and although she was tempted to melt into his arms, the thought that he was a 'droid couldn't be dispersed.

"What is your desire, Mistress? I've been built to fulfill any fantasy you might wish."

Teena pressed her hands against his steel hard chest; she was tempted to knead the synthetic material that would deceive anyone into believing he was a flesh and blood person.

"Sorry, stud, not enough privacy," she used as an excuse, as if she might offend his nonexistent feelings.

Zand Ten looked around at the other inactivated androids all waiting for her attention. "Is there another place we might go for an interlude, Mistress?"

"Steady, buddy, I've got a lot of work to do and you have an owner waiting impatiently for your return."

The 'droid gave her a sexy smile as if he knew his own worth. Had this machine been programmed to have human emotions somehow? It would be a first. For years the foremost experts in the field had been attempting to do just that. Could Zand Robotics have succeeded, where everyone else had failed? She would be interested to find out. Maybe she would take up the proffered offer and hopefully meet the person responsible for the creation of, in Teena's mind, the perfect male.

Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

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