Thursday, January 28, 2010

SAG Award Fashion Thoughts

The SAG 2010 awards was on Sunday and I saw some of the red carpet and some of the award show - Betty White was the bestest best recipient.  As for the fashion, is was all right.  Again, no out there's, and no wow's.  Shame, but I did have a few I liked.

Kate Hudson's white dress by Emilio Pucci was great, on her, however, it isn't so good when it looked great from behind - not many women could carry that one off.  Designer Alexander McQueen had two dresses that caught my attention, Anna Paquin's and Sandra Bullock's - I liked those two.  As for color, who looked really good in the bold choices?  Christina Hendricks [red] and Mariska Hargitay [pink/fuscia] - they looked great!

However, my favorite gown had to be Diane Kruger's by Jason Wu.  While I didn't care for the color, it suited her, and it worked on the red.  Yup, I liked this one - it was a bit daring [as in it may or may not have worked, but she took the challenge and won].  And, because the SAG's go that way, the ladies can also choose to wear short dresses, I liked Katrina Bowden in Tadashi Shoji - I could so wear this one!

There was one that I thought, no, no way!  No, I won't name who wore it, but this from Coco Perez is what it reminded me of - not good.

Looked at E! Online, MyStyle and Coquette for reminders of who wore what and the latter two for the pics above.


Anonymous said...

I did not like Daiane Kruger. I do not like the color of the dress. Mariska Hargitay what I call attention to it is its naturalness. Even Mariska looks neat natural beauty. Cystine Hendricks is too fat and the dress accentuates its excesses

Tilly Greene said...

Yeah, the color was awkward, but I thought it stood out on the red carpet just enough that people looked, and the gown itself is great - highlights her figure.

Sorry, I'm somebody who doesn't see a person as fat or skinny - they all looked great, some had fabulous dresses, in great colors, and that's what I saw :-)