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Best of Torrid Teasers Vol. 2 - Tilly Greene's excerpt #1


Russian businessman, Vasiliy Beketov, bought an island to be his home away from home. Everything was going his way and suddenly, he was hunted down for no reason other than being a success. Finally back in control of his life, Zura Girard comes to his private sanctuary as a designer, and ends up becoming much more.

Excerpt (G-rated)

Chapter One

Vasiliy Beketov, Russian billionaire businessman detained for more than three years has been released. Leading French lawyer Etienne Girard has been pleading his client’s case of ill treatment at the hands of the Russian government to many influential groups looking for their support. After finagling EU lawyers at The Hague to look into the case the rabid civil rights’ advocate, quickly secured their backing before moving over to the United Nations to gain their support as well. Pressure against the Russians has exponentially built over the past 14 months leading to a plea agreement agreeable to both parties. Vasiliy Beketov is to divest all current holdings within the motherlands borders, be them majority or less than a one millionth of a percent, his name is to be struck out and the billionaire must leave the country for good – exile. In return the accused will admit to a lesser charge and time served for fraud and the harsher claim of treason will be dropped. When contacted for comment of future plans for Beketov, Girard would only state that he would be leaving Moscow’s notorious Matrosskaya Tishina prison for home.  Five Months Later on a Flight

Zura Girard sat in a sumptuous first class seat on her way to Dubai in order to meet a man whom she has never met in person but still feels like she knows him on a deep level. Up to this point the relationship with her client has been derived from their email communications and a rare phone call.

Reputed to be a ruthless businessman would be an expected moniker for a successful man in a country new to capitalism. However, the very unflattering terms applied to him in the media did not match the gentleman she has been working with regarding the decoration of a newly built second residence on his private island.

To own a private island is a dream for everyone, but only a small percentage of society has the means to make such a purchase. One of three hundred manmade islands set in the Arabian Gulf off the coast of Dubai. Before problems with his government gained momentum the purchase for one of The World’s island at over 15 acres had been made and an opulent estate home built. In one of their earlier discussions, her client had let it be known that he was no longer comfortable in the massive structure. A desire was expressed for something with a more personal feeling to it, less confining, and as a person with the means can do, the building of another residence to fulfill these needs was now complete. Lifting the fine crystal glass Zura took a sip of the chilled fizzy water before shifting her seat to further recline. Instantly an airline staff member was at her side.

“Would Mademoiselle like help with her foot rest?” The quiet accented voice of the air host was close but not as to be an invasion of her personal space. With a nod the young man knelt down and helped set it all up so she was comfortable beneath a light blanket. The light was turned off and her glass moved onto the tray further away so as not to be knocked. “Would Mademoiselle like anything else to make her comfortable?” Shaking her head, Zura thanked the host for his assistance then she closed her eyes to try and relax. If she was lucky doze some before landing in the hot dry country she was to be visiting for an undetermined period of time.

She hoped she could sleep but was so excited that at this time it did not seem possible. It was not just the thrill of a traveling or the new job, although the challenges presented by a new commission were always a large part of her eager anticipation. In this case, however, the blame for her heart racing, quick shallow breathing, and an occasionally wicked thought could all be laid quite honestly before her new client, Vasiliy Beketov.

A handsome, strong featured man in a typical dark business suit with his brown hair cut short and sharp, almost piercing, lighter than light blue eyes that rested against a face tan enough to prove he spent time out of doors was the image most depicted in the media. Dark serious suits highlighted shoulders, making them appear broad and strong, capable of taking on the world and winning. One picture she had seen showed him standing next to her father and the other man towered over his lawyer so she guessed he must be comfortably over six foot.

In her dreams she had added more details. He would be tan all over, hard and ripped, as her American friends would say, and in possession of a magnificent cock always hard for her. The bigger problem for her lay with his mind and soul, both drew her as much, if not more, than his body tempted her libido.

The first email had arrived about a month after he had been released from prison and whisked off to parts unknown. It had been short and to the point. Etienne Girard, her papa, had recommended that the recently freed man contact her regarding the decorating of a new residence.

The fact that her father had recommended her was interesting. Normally he took no interest in the career she practiced and excelled in other than the usual parental pride. It did not take long for her to determine it was because of her alternative lifestyle choice that had this interesting man asking for her professional services.

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