Monday, February 01, 2010


Visit the Gold Coast of Australia. Sunshine. Beaches. Sexy Lifeguards. It’s the Downunder’s version of Florida, and the place where everyone wants to retire or go to recharge their batteries.

I’ve visited a couple of times now, and the beautiful beaches really do stretch for miles. The Gold Coast is the perfect mix of outdoor pursuits and cosmopolitan fun. I decided it was the ideal setting for my hot contemporary, WILD CHILD.

Zoe Underwood wants Matt Cantrell, and she’s decided it’s time to make her move. She travels to the Gold Coast to put her plan in motion, and suddenly it’s more than the sunshine that is hot.

So if you’re tired of a Northern hemisphere winter, grab a copy of Wild Child. Go on, take HEART and bask in the heat.

Shelley Munro

Wild Child, 2 Feb 2010

* * *

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