Sunday, February 21, 2010

THE JOY OF GIVING by Tilly Greene

Hello, everyone. My name is Tilly Greene and I am an erotic romance author. This is the third project I’ve taken part in where all the proceeds go to someone else and it feels so good. I think I get the emotional boost because the charities have all meant something personal to me. 

The first, "Drive-In, Coming Together: Under Fire", went to support the victims of the 2007 San Diego wildfires. Not only did I have family evacuated, but also a cousin who is a fireman. Scary, so writing a short story helped ease the stress of not being there in person to help. This book is now exclusive with All Romance and they have kindly withheld the fees so 100% goes to the two groups still working to help that group.

The second project, "The Write Ingredients" [available through Samhain Publishing], is a recipe and the proceeds went to help support our troops. Our neighbors have two sons, one in currently in Afghanistan and the other just graduated, and I am so proud of them. Loads of goodies are sent to give them a bit of home while away, but I also know not everyone in their troops get something.  While we send enough to our guys to share, this project was all about getting necessities to those who had nothing.

Now, this project, “And She Scores” for the ARe 28 Days of Heart project benefits the American Heart Association, is personal as well. My brother-in-law and father-in-law – two great men – have both had serious heart problems. This disease hits people of all ages and doesn’t discriminate by sex either. The worst part for me, it’s hereditary, and I can’t lose my cutie to this vicious killer.

So, what the story about? Football’s pre-season is about to begin and, defensive end and captain, Patrick Conway is returning from what could’ve been a career ending injury. Sarah Winters, focused on making a career as a respected reporter in an all male sport, is about to conduct his first interview. Did I mention they used to date? Were driven apart by lies? Still cared for each other? Or that her first sight of him is in the locker room and he’s just returned from working out? No?

Well, what could possibly happen between these two, while at a major arena, with a ton of people around them? To find out, you’ll need to visit All Romance or OmniLit, and pick up a copy of “And She Scores” [Available 2/22 or for preorder to it lands in your library on release day]. And don’t forget, all proceeds from each ebook you purchase go to the American Heart Association, so find loads, and enjoy!

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