Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Another Reason to Love Thierry Mugler

When I first heard of Thierry Mugler he was a fashion designer, a great, push the boundaries kind of designer and he still is, but there are now a few more things on his plate.

Fragrance is one area he has a hand in and A*Men is the name of his latest offering for men.  Fun.  Anyway, Homotography posted two snippets from the ad with the new spokesman, Oscar Pistorius, and I loved it!

Yes, loved!


Above and to the right is one ad of Oscar, an athlete for South Africa who was denied a chance to run at the 2008 Olympics because his legs were considered an advantage.  He went on to win in the paraolympics, but it still bothered me that his artificial limbs, yes, artificial limbs put him above everyone else.  I hope they do!

Below is the ad that I think is the best, the guy looks fast, fit, and seriously sexy.  Amen to Mugler!

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