Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time to Eat Crow

I was wrong when I said there were no place on the East Coast that could make a good burger.  The cutie has made it his mission to help me find one that I'd enjoy and I finally found one!  It's close to home, too.  No, everything isn't perfect, but I'm okay with their finally being one I can eat.

At first it was Five Guys, those are good and the fries come in a bag so we can add some vineager, which gives the cutie a "chip" boost.  Next came Smashburger [picture to the right], lovely, especially their fried pickles, but the bun was too much for me to handle. 

Then, this past weekend, without any warning, the cutie took me to a Cheeburger Cheeburger.

Huge cheeseburger, but it was juicy, and the waiter suggested I cut it in half to take away for later [he also said don't order the small burger, it's all bun].  The onion rings were thin and lovely, and the fries were great.  The milkshake was yummy and made with what I wanted, thank you.  My suggestion is to share it all, there's too much for one person, but oh so good.


Ravena said...

If you're in the DC area I could recommend several great burger haunts:

Ray's Hell Burger
Elevation Burger (grass fed cows, 'nuff said)
Five Guys (got its start here!)
Good Stuff Eatery

We take our burgers seriously in the DC area...with all this government around this is the one thing that no one argues about.

Tilly Greene said...

Ooo, Ravena, I wrote those down on a note in my iTouch so I can visit them when I'm that way next.

Yes, like you and the DC populace, burgers are important to me. They were a treat as a kid and they are as an adult. There's many piss-poor imitations out there that give the joy in a burger a hard knock.

Cook it right or don't cook it at all!