Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Small Snippet About Tattoos

My Angel, New Zealand, and Dragon Lust [a seriously naughty free read from All Romance] are three books of mine where the heroes have tattooes.  I've also mentioned before about the hero in Missing in Paradise has tattoos and thought I'd share a bit more about ink.  The ones I mention the hero having are very personal to him and are unique in style.

That's right, if you don't know much about the ink, then I'll tell you there are many different styles in how they're drawn.  I recently stumbled across Venus [above] and tracked it back to the original Washington Post article, Thinking of Inking?, where you can run your mouse over the examples and read where they came from, as well as other images of how they work to how to take them off.  Very interesting.

One I didn't find any information mentioned, but unearthed during my research, I used in Missing in Paradise was a 3D style - an example of which is to the left.  I was intrigued by this type of tattoo and redesigned it for my hero who has it in a place that covers something up, cool, right?

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