Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's Next for Authors?

As an author I can tell you that when I'm wearing my authors hat, I'm always looking for ways to give to the reader more to experience with the books I write.  I love what I'm writing and want to share as much as possible to make time you've spent reading even more interesting and exciting.

That said, there is only one author I can point to and say they've done a perfect step further into their unique world of books, and his name is Robert Sabuda.

No, his books aren't erotic romance, but are more interactive, and for folks of all ages.  They're pop-ups and he's created The Professional Pop-up Kit, and has it for sale on his website.  How great is that?  I think it's way cool, then again, I'm a fan of pop-ups.  I teach others to do them and, when I have time, play around and make my own, so I have a few of these items but am adding it to my must get list.

Kudos to Sabuda, challenge accepted!

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