Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Authors + Readers = At Their Best

Operation Auction

Operation Auction went live on Sunday, March 27th at 12:01 am PDT and all items are in the Operation Auction ebay store!

Now for a few details:  None of the items will show up until the auction is live and not all items are going up at the same time. We have divided the items as equally as possible into three batches.

Batch One will be up March 27th at 12:01 am PDT, ending March 30th at 12:01am

Batch Two will be up March 28th at 12:01 am PDT, ending March 31st at 12:01am

Batch Three will be up March 29th at 12:01 am PDT, ending April 1st at 12:01am

New donations are still coming in so be warned the enteries might be incomplete, however, there are categories in the store to help search for the items you want.

Shipping details will be in the description of each item. Please read those carefully before you bid to see if it is US only or international.
[Thank you to Black Raven's Erotic Cafe for the clear details]

I, Tilly Greene, happen to have a canvas bag filled w/signed books and goodies, and it ends March 30th - tomorrow - bid big as the proceeds are going to Fatin of  RR@H Novel Thoughts and Book Talk blog.

The link to the Operation Auction ebay store is:  http://bit.ly/ifl6ZM or http://stores.ebay.com/operationauction2011

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