Monday, March 14, 2011

Nope, Never, Not Going To Do It - Ever!

I love fashion and get a kick out of when a designer steps out of the box, but I have my limits, and this one - this hat - is a no way!  Even if it does look like chocolate, which I love, this hat would never find a place on my head.

The two places I know where women still wear hats - and I have a thing for hats, hence Grace Strachan in Highland Heat being a milliner - is to church and weddings.  Can you imagine wearing this one to either of those two places?

Nope, neither can I, and the shock of seeing a penis sticking up in front of them might even kill a few folks.  Not good!

That said, New Power Studios fashion show in London is where the pvc penis hat made its debut, and thank you Racked for the photo.

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