Friday, March 06, 2009

Are you ready?

Ready for what?

Read an ebook week!

Starting this Sunday, March 8-14 2009, is the official read an ebook week and there are some great offers to encourage readers to give ebooks a chance.

Check out both Go Green Read e and Read an E-Book Week websites for more information.

Personally, I've uploaded "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas onto my iTouch [it was available through the Classics Application which has a unique page turning motion, although it can be had for free on the Kindle or through Project Gutenberg for any electronic device] and will put all other reading aside for it. There are many publishing houses [both traditional publishers finding their way into offering e and epublishers already there] offering ebooks for free or as specials in celebration of this week either through their own websites as well as ebookstores.

If you're interested in having scorching hot reads for the week, then check out my ebook list. There's also two free short reads avaialble. "Special Delivery" is located on the Pink Chair Diaries and "The Chase Begins" is available as a pdf through The Samhellion.

Read an ebook and enjoy the adventure!


Natalie Acres said...

Hi Tilly,

Thank you for posting about Read an E-Book Week. I'll pass along the information.


Natalie Acres

Tilly Greene said...

My pleasure!

This is a great week for a reader to step out of the box which makes up their usual reading material and be adventurous, try a new author or genre.

Me, I'm reading a classic I've never read but consider another title by this author a favorite of mine.