Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hump Day Reflections!

This past weekend the cutie and I went to see Watchmen. I had no idea what to expect, simply that a certain someone was eager for some action. Well, the opening scene was a ballet of violence. Beautifully handled and with a surreal choice of music, I was there and ready for whatever happened next.

Yes, I enjoyed the flick and now I understand a few comments I'd read before hand about a multitude of blue penises. There aren't that many and in fact I didn't really pay attention to them, okay - except for when he moved quickly and I looked to see if it moved as a separate limb - yup, it did. Anyway, what has been overlooked in all the talk about Dr. Manhattan is his spectacular backside! The scene I remember seeing it best was when he started meditating and man oh man, it is hard as a rock and perfectly shaped.

Penises, yes, but also an ass worth noting!

Did I mention the film was pretty good as well? It is and I'll be looking for the soundtrack.

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