Tuesday, March 31, 2009

eBook and Book Talk!

Tuesday is usually when I talk about books and ebooks that are on my mind, today, I'm going to shake it up a bit and all because of a bit of "news" I saw on the t.v. this morning.

President Obama and his wife Michelle are headed on their first international trip as president and first lady. The story was short but it caught my attention. It featured the what the British press thought the people would think of Michelle and I was stunned by what they said. A few of them stated that they didn't think she would be well liked because she was a confident, independent thinking and successful woman and the British people preferred doey eyed submissives like Princess Diana [their words, not mine but I can't put in quotes in case I missed a few words out].

Another member of the press, a woman, said in reference to Michelle Obama's fashion sense, she'd probably receive a Jacqueline Kennedy [Jackie O] type reception, although Obama had more substance to her.

Oh man, was I angry. Not enough to boot the Brit beside me out of bed but enough to use today's eBook and Book Talk entry to first state the press don't speak for all people who live in the same country as they do, nor should they pretend to.


Did you know that the female characters I write about are independent, confident and successful? I do and wouldn't have it any other way! A few stories take place in Britain [The Gilded Cage and Highland Heat] and one takes on sexual equality, with women coming out on top [Zandia].

Turn away from this type of negativity and read/write/think something positive about women today.


Kat Lively / Leigh Ellwood said...

I'm surprised the British would still think of Diana as a doe-eyed submissive. Were she really that way, she probably would not have divorced Charles, but put up with the philandering and remained the obedient princess. She would have kept her sons to nannies rather than attempt to be an actual parent to them. Striking out on her own took a lot of courage and an independent spirit.

Then again, maybe if she'd stayed put she'd still be around...*shrug*

Tilly Greene said...

It was a two minute blip packed full of idiotic comments.

I don't think anyone ever thought of Diana as a doe-eyed sub [except for maybe when they were first engaged] which, I believe, is why she was so well liked. Added some spunk to the heavily structured aristocracy.

Interesting and asinine at the same time. Who knew I could get so angry before opening my eyes.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Amen, sister. I'm with you: strong, independent women are where it's at.

Back to work on Lyric. *grin*

Tilly Greene said...

So, tell me, is Lyric big in ShapeShifter Demo Tapes Year 3?