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eBook and Book Talk!

This Book and eBook Talk showcases Becoming Persephone by Dagmar Avery and is the fourth story that, with mine [Hephaestus Lays Down the Law], makes up anthology:

Love's Immortal Pantheon
Published by Tease Publishing
isbn: 978-1607670254

Paperback is now available on Amazon, BN, Powell's, BAM or your local bookshop.

Becoming Persephone
by Dagmar Avery
ISBN # 978-1-60767-020-9

Story one in the Fated mistresses trilogy.

Invited to the Eros Festival, Drea encounters many people calming to be gods, including Hades, a man that makes her body burn. Hades pursues her, but it isn't as easy as a normal hunt and chase. There are obstacles in the way, sexy, horny obstacles that want to keep them apart... and Drea has to decide... a night of meaningless pleasure at the hands of the gods, or a lifetime beside one, and only one, as Persephone.


Drea felt his body before she heard his voice. The solid mass of him behind her, the smooth lines of his powerful thighs pressed against the backs of her legs, her ass, and the thick arousal riding high on the small of her back. His voice, of deep timbre, smoky and rich like her favorite claret, vibrated through her body.

"Beautiful night, is it not?"

She smirked and turned, looking him over with no small amount of amusement. Sexy? More so than should be possible, but when you’re dealing with the ‘gods’, it was often so. And along with the sexy came the arrogance, something you couldn't get around when dealing with them either. He stood there in black leather pants, his straight black hair cut short in the back, choppy and long in the front, laying over the right side of his face, partially hiding one if his brilliant blue eyes. His skin, a glowing, stunning alabaster, seemed to soak up the moonlight on the terrace where they stood. No shirt to mar his beauty, though he was not without adornment.

His nipples were pierced through with a sooty mat black ring, and he had a tattoo, seemingly burned into the left side of his torso, a swirling mass of what seemed like undulating shadow.

Was this to be her lover tonight? This stunning vision of a man, who looked at her as if she were a snack? She allowed herself to indulge in the thought of what could possibly come to be by morning. The thoughts were more than agreeable. She licked her lips and cocked her head. While he wasn’t the first she had met this evening, he was by far the most attractive. Zeus was pretty, but not her style, Hermes was sexy but blond, and Drea didn’t care for blondes, and Hypnos, while dark and stunning, went sniffing after Tansy before she could even return his greeting to her. No, this one was perfect, exactly her type, and what was better, he seemed quite interested.

"It is. And who might you be?"

The man in front of her smirked and nodded. "Hades."

Hades? Well tales about his uber yumminess were true, if that was who he really was. "I’m Drea."

"Yes I know, the most stunning of the possible concubines."

Concubines? Well that was new.

Drea was there for a party, her and two other friends, Pander and Tansy. They had been invited while out walking around Athens, a young boy bringing them an invitation addressed to the three of them to attend an evening mixer in praise of Eros. They had laughed, and figured why not, after all who could say no to a party in praise of the love god, especially when they were in Greece for an anything goes kind of vacation?

Alone in the world except for each other, they had come to Greece to mourn the death of the only woman who had ever cared for them. Amalia was the closest thing they would ever have to a mother, and her death had jarred them all severely. Her will stated that there was provisions for the girls to go to Greece, celebrate life in her name, and enjoy the month they would be there. The will also provided a small amount of money for each, which stipulated that they spend it on luxuries and clothes as to prepare themselves for their adventure abroad. It was to be a grand adventure, and no expense spared. Drea, Tansy and Pander all went into it warily, as everything they had ever had was worked for, and hard, but when they received the money, and a letter each from Amalia, stating that their destinies would be realized in Greece, they collectively took the chance, and threw caution to the wind.

When they had arrived at the party by way of gondola, bringing them across a large glistening pond just on the outskirts of Athens, a woman dressed in a super sheer sheath informed them of the kind of party they were at, one where the males were all gods, and were looking for new companions. They were told that they had been invited because they possessed individually and collectively much of what each of the gods was looking for. Now, how they knew this was beyond any of them, but if these revelers wanted to roll play something this ornate, and include them in the decadence, who where they to say no?

“I suppose so, though why you think so is anyone’s guess.”

Hades looked her over with no amount of undisguised lust. His eyes traveled up her legs, and frowned as he met her mid thigh, where the tops of her thigh highs were peeking, the black lace with the blue ribbons weaved through. The look quickly fled as his gaze traveled up her body further, past the black satin pleated skirt, and the blue satin shirt, lingering at the upper breast that peeked out of the satin then resting on the pulse in her neck for a moment. When he reached her eyes, for he did look her dead on, he had a very satisfied smirk on his face, as if he had indeed bought something perfect for him.

“On the contrary, your attentions will be in demand tonight. I’m lucky to have them now. Let’s hope the situation keeps.” He offered his hand. “A dance I think?” he asked and smiled at her, making her body tighten in low places.

“Why not.” She took his hand, letting the warmth of it seep into her pores and walked with him towards another room, one resonating with sound and darkness.

The music surrounded them, as her companion pulled her to him, placing his hands on her hips. They swayed, his body hard in front of her, hers yielding. The music took over and she soon turned and grinded her ass into his groin and bent over, coming up slowly, her dark raven hair around her head like a cloud as she arched.

His hands went to her hips again to steady her and then his right went to her hair and pulled her back, not violently, but enough to exert dominance over the situation. She whimpered, and heat pooled in the recesses of her body.

Hades tsked in her ear, and the sound made her shiver almost as much as his voice.
“Now pet, you’re just teasing, and I don’t do well with teasing. If you’re serious, we should move to a more comfortable spot.” He nibbled her neck. “I can’t wait to get inside you.”

Drea moaned at his attentions, and at the feel of his erection pressed against her once again. “Umm, and what makes you think you’re going to?” she said and rolled her hips. “What makes you better than the rest around here tonight?”

“Come with me and find out.”

Oh Lord did she want to come with him. Several times over the course of the evening if at all possible. Hades seemed like the kind of guy that could fulfill that fantasy ten times over, but she wasn’t easy, and as much as her body was screaming for it, she would have to make him work for it. No matter what her vacation goals were, a hot guy hung like a Clydesdale wasn’t going to get a piece of her after a five minute dance.

She rolled her hips once more, as if to prove her point, and then pulled away from him. He let go of her hair and she turned, smirking at him and walked further into the smoky room, intent on getting a game of chase out of it.

Dagmar Avery
~Sex, Blood and Rock and Roll~

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