Thursday, March 05, 2009

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ireadromance and check out the interview Tilly Greene has given, as well as an excerpt for "Come, Sweet Creature".

“Will you walk into my playroom?” said Spider to the Fly,
“‘Tis the naughtiest little playroom that ever you did spy;
The way into my playroom is up my winding stair, 
I’ve many curious toys and things to show you once you’re there.”

Jena Flyno works for Tilton Spidermach, CEO of TS Properties, and spends her day as PR Director cleaning up after his debauched peccadilloes. She’s heard about his playroom and isn't about to become his latest prey. 

Spider has been watching his lovely, but oh, so prim and proper PR lady for months. Jena is elusive, unattainable, and he has just figured out a way to ensnare her. All he needs is one little sign of weakness and she’ll be caught in his web.

Contemporary Erotic Romance w/Bondage and D/s

Buy eBook from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, ARe, Fictionwise or Amazon

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