Monday, July 19, 2010

Naughty Thought for Monday

One place my naughty mind has never traveled is to wonder about the size of cartoon characters penises, but Popten went there.

Now, if they'd been curious about Mr Darcy, I might have had something more to say.

Oh well, it's Monday, so I'm posting this to share the love - or is it mental cringing?


practimom said...

Yeah, it is like an accident. cringe worthy but you can't help looking (or thinking) about it anyway. The Thing from the Fantastis four pops in my delusional head for some reason....

Tilly Greene said...

Yes! Like an accident! I wouldn't have thought about it, clicked on the article and there was the Hulk, and I couldn't help but imagine a humongous green willie and now I see The Things!!! AHHH, so wrong, and yet I'm laughing :-)!