Saturday, July 10, 2010

Twitter Tappenings

Yes, I tweet and follow some very interesting folks, and thought I'd share a peek at my week on Twitter.  Is it a time waster?  It fan be, but there's also some interesting things happening there, and is also a good way to have a chat with someone about something - my last chat was with someone who told me I needed to read the Larsson books in order and why.

By the way, RT means "re-tweet", as in I retweeted it for my group of followers to read.

From Those I Follow that I RT'd
RT @JessicaScott09: RT @Airborne_Ranger: There are 2 things that are keeping me from watching the new twilight movie... they're called testicles. ”-lol!!

RT @cat_johnson: Amazon is selling the print of ROUGH STOCK already and it's on sale

RT @Borders: Now open: our new eBook Store! Choose from over a million eBooks. Your books. Your device. Your choice

RT @ellorascave: Countdown to NEW @jaidblack novella, Politically Correct 2: Subjugated, releasing Monday, 7/12! (Cool, loved Stalked!)

All sorts of interesting stuff happened last week! 

A Bit From Me
Street Beat: 11 yo boogie boarder bit by elephant seal not long after PMMC released 3 recuperating pups. Child did not require medical attn.

PMMC = Pacific Marine Mammal Center is a wonderful and necessary facility. Check them out and sponsor a seal.

Street Beat: Citation. Wedding planner cited for putting chairs on beach w/out permit. Police couldn't say if nuptials proceeded as planned.

Feeling hot? Well, this shower is cool, unique even, but as an #eroticromance author, I'm thinking things!

You all know from this weeks Book Talk! that I was reading the paper from the town I was visiting and I also mentioned something about routines.  Well, along those same lines, I always check out the local Street Beat to see what's been happening, and share it :-)  Something else I often tweet is links to unique and/or interesting to me "things" I find in my bloglines and that would be the last one.

By the way, if you'd like to talk face-to-face, today I'm at the Borders in Middletown NY from 2-5:00pm est.


practimom said...

i don't really Tweet. blogging is about all i have time for with my 3 little kids (who are the kind to ignore me if i am doing nothing, but are all over me if i am trying to read or get on the computer!

Tilly Greene said...

HA, I have a picture in my head of your kids, and I bet they're adorable :-)

I tweet and quite enjoy it, but then again, much of my time is spent on the computer, looking for ways to be constructive and also have fun.