Thursday, July 29, 2010

A peek into my writing cave

Okay, my writing cave isn't a physical place like an office, but more like a mental one. With all the tooing and froing we do, it works for me to have a mental place I go when it's time to buckle down and get down to the nitty-gritty of writing. So, what's going on inside the cave?

This week has been carved out for going through a completed ms that's I adore, but haven't touched since January '09 - "Come, Now". I'm self-editing and it's an interesting stage, especially the more distance I have from writing the ms. I see places I glossed over some interesting details, a messed up timeline, and have found two evil tell vs show passages. What this all means is that I've deleted loads and rewritten or added even more. I've also double check my research and made sure what I've used of it is readable and interesting. I'll go through a couple more times, one time I'll listen to it - this will be a first for me, and see if any of my bad habits remain.

Once I'm finished with my contemporary shapeshifters, the list is long of what I need to get to. My tentative schedule is to finish a contemporary bondage [Missing] short promised to a publisher, rough out a contemporary was it blackmail or her idea all along short as part of a proposal, and rework a short-short paranormal bondage [Caught] for a possible place in an anthology. Once those two shorts are done, polished, and ready for submission, I'll go back to the trilogy, specifically the second book, "Come To Me". It's three-quarters written and so will finish it and then possibly move onto the third, "Come and Stay". I've already noted the bullet points for it, but there's a couple of conventions to go to around the time I figure to be wrapping up the second book so not sure how I'll work it.

I imagine you thought it was always a just sit down with a cup of coffee and delve into the write, edit, submit process. Nope, during all this self-edit, finishing and starting stuff, there's three conventions and two signings to prepare for and go to, and that's just on the work side of life.

Fingers crossed it all goes to plan, no matter how loose and flowing it might be.

There you have it, now, any queries about the cave?

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