Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where have I been lately? vol. 3

I think my family are the only people on the planet who know about my love for a seriously good cheeseburger. 

Yes, yes, there's burgers everywhere, but I'm very particular.  When I go back home, to the left of here, I beg for quality burger time and indulge myself because they are fabulous!  So, during this last break, I was able to get a few and thought I'd share the joy with you.

First up was a visit Husky Boy.  We can walk to this joint and bring home piping hot cheeseburgers, twice fried fries [just makes them crispy], or we can go across the street to the beach and sit there to eat them.  No matter where they're had, they're seriously good, so much so, I put Husky Boy and this fabulous meal into a Extreme Speed, Total Control.  Yup, real life and me, all in one place!

Next was the original [and best around] Ruby's at the end of Balboa Pier.  I knew it was meant to be because, even though it was Summer, we drove right onto the ferry, got a parking space at the base of the pier, and were given a table outside.  Perfect all around.  We started going to Ruby's when it first opened and usually in Winter so we could get a table.  We had birthday parties there and even introduced the Brits to it as well.  When I was younger my sister and I would share a cup of clam chowder [yeah, I know, a seafood product+me=never going to happen, but she took the clams I the potatoes :-)] and I did the same this time with my cutie.  All of it was still a fabulous!

And last but not last on the fantabulous burger tour came down to a choice between Fatburger or In-N-Out.  Both are very good and it was a hard decision, but we went for the former!  Yummy!  We did this one down at Mission Beach [near San Diego] and while it was a small location, the cheeseburger was exactly what I needed to tide me over until I head back to the left. 

That's right, I only eat these delicious offerings when I'm visiting home, or when the cutie bbq's them.

When I say I'm a picky eater, I'm a seriously picky eater!  My mom once got up early and made an apple pie in order to get me to eat something for breakfast and it didn't happen.  Yup, picky, and proud!


Anonymous said...

Now that I am craving a burger and fries.

Tilly Greene said...

They were delicious, juicy, tasty, and last night the cutie made turkey burgers - nice, healthier than a traditional burger, but not as exciting :-(

practimom said...

i am a picky eater too, but you would not think it just by looking at me.

Tilly Greene said...

Yup, I have curves too, and a friend of mine once said my body was holding onto reserves - sounds good to me :-)

Picky eaters Unite!