Friday, May 21, 2010

I've Taken the Plunge

Now that our local Hollywood Video has closed it's doors and the nearest place to rent movies is the Redbox in WalMart or is it the Shop Rite?  Either way, the offers were seriously limited and not always to my taste, so I've signed us up for a NetFlix trial.

For almost two hours I've rated films I liked to help them narrow the field for me, but am already finding that not really all that helpful.  Because I liked the 1st season of The Office: Series 1 [British version], they assumed I'd like Trainspotting.  Fair enough, I did, but they have nothing in common except for being British based and I watch more the British tv and movies.

Another unusual connection I found when I rated Babette's Feast a 5 stars, it noted that I might like Food, Inc.  Interesting, but I'd already given it 5 stars as well, only now I'm left to wonder if it was decided the two went together because they were food related.  Personally, I wouldn't recommend one to someone who had seen the other.  But that's me, not a computer.

Anway, I'll keep an open mind, and hope for the best.  I like watching films of all sorts and hope to share more gems here.

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