Saturday, May 29, 2010

Odd Coincidence

I'm working through the admin piles and need to run errands but putting it off, so not delving into anything that needs my full attention. That means I have the tv on and playing something I'm not that interested in, but has the potential to pull me in. Usually I choose a decorating show or something I call a documystery.

Documystery is half hour to hour show that lays out the facts of a crime, murder, and ends with a judgement. Yup, in case you haven't noticed from my some of my Book Talk! days, I like a good mystery. Anyway, City Confidential was one of the originals and I found one replaying on the Biography channel.


So, what's the odd coincidence?

I used to work in an independent bookstore that, amongst other things, was the approved book supplier for the local correctional facilities. It meant family could stop in and purchase books for their loved one and we'd ensure it's delivery or the incacerated person could purchase books for family members, friends or themselves and, again, we'd deal with delivery. Somehow I ended up as the contact for the ladies facility and thoroughly enjoyed helping them find the right books - all via letters. The deal was, don't tell me why you're in there, and we'll be fine. I immediately stopped the day one new to me woman went into detail, from her point of view, about the crime she was accused of and it terrified me.

That's the background and the odd coincidence is that the murder being shown, which ended with a gentleman being incarcerated for murder, was someone a lady I worked with from our local facility bought books for and I sent to him at the state facility. Apparently they became friends as their court cases were going on at the same time.

I never knew of his crime and now can't quite connect the man who wrote the thank you note and request to be his supplier with the one on the stand. She bought a few books and I think I found a few out of print books for him before I stopped, but can't remember what they were.

Like I said, an odd coincidence, and curiousity has questions popping in my head like fireworks.


anny cook said...

Freaky... I've had some dealings with the incarcerated. You were very wise.

Tilly Greene said...

Had to be black and white, no grey area, and not knowing the details helped. But it was interesting what they'd request - loved shopping for their kids, giving them hints of what to say when talking to them about the books, but the best was when the yoga trend hit, the ladies were getting their zen on :-)