Thursday, November 07, 2013

Throwing it wayback and it's ME for Throwback Thursday

At the end of October when I was 17, yup, young and a recent high school graduate, I was lucky enough to be given a trip to the UK.  I saw loads in England, Scotland and Ireland, but I knew I'd be back. Too many doors of wonder had been opened.

Me at 17 overlooking the Lakes of Killarney
The cutie and I are going to spend some time in Ireland and celebrate our 20 year anniversary.  We going to back to a few towns I visited, but I remember nothing about them other than the people were really nice, the weather dampish and it was stunning.  I imagine not much has changed..

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Breaking down walls and answering a longstanding question for writers!

How much of our, an authors, real life is in a book?


For example, in my book Double Punch there's a scene where Ani walks into Castor and Pollux's kitchen and finds a naked man making coffee ... that really happened to me!

Well, happened with a few changes. The man wasn't nude, he was shirtless and wearing boxers, but why I remembered this incident so strongly was his hairy back ... it was like a rug and all I could think of was how unhygienic it was in the kitchen. Before I could say anything, my cutie quickly ushered me out of the house  with a promise that he'd make it up to me.

I haven't seen the hairy coffee maker in almost 10 years, but he's picking us up at the airport and taking us for "a great Irish fry up breakfast."

Should be interesting.

Double Punch, part of the Mythological Messes Redux series is a erotic mythological romance + ménage a trois, can be ordered through:

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A lovely tug the heartstrings photo book

Much Loved by Mark Nixon is a book filled with photos of much loved stuffed animals ... told you it was a tug on the heartstrings.